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90 Denier Anti Chaffing Shorts $28.00 32-34,28-30,16-18,20-22,24-26
Lida 20D Tights H162-170cm $16.90 16-24, 26-32
NEW Fit Pamela 90D Opaque Tights Slate $25.00 16-18,20-26,28-32
NEW Fit Pamela 90D Opaque Tights Black $25.00 32-34,28-30,16-18,20-22,24-26
Lida 20D Tights H169-178cm $16.90 16-24, 26-32
NEW Fit Pamela 90D Opaque Tights Navy $25.00 16-18,20-26,28-32
120D Opaque Footless Tights Black $25.00 16-18,20-26,28-32
120D Opaque Tights $22.00 16-32
Lida 20D Tights H155-163cm $16.90 16-24, 26-32
40D Opaque Footless Tights Black $20.00 16-18,20-26,28-32
Pamela 80D Opaque Tights $22.00 16-18,20-26,28-32
Polka Dot Printed Tights $22.00 16-18,20-26,28-32
Extra Large Net Tights White $19.90 16-18,20-26
Extra Large Net Tights Black $19.90 16-18,20-26,28-32
Sheer Dotty Tights $22.00 16-18,20-26,28-32
Pamela Fishnet Tights Nude $19.90 16-18,20-26,28-32
Pamela Fishnet Tights Black $19.90 16-18,20-26,28-32
Jive Seamed Tights Nude/Nude $22.00 16-18,20-26,28-32
Jive Seamed Tights Nude/Black $22.00 16-18,20-26,28-32
Jive Seamed Tights Black/Black $22.00 16-18,20-26,28-32,34-36
2 Side Stripe Sheer Tights $22.00 16-18,20-26,28-32
Small Leopard Printed Tights $22.00 16-18,20-26,28-32
Plain Stripe Suspender Tights $22.00 16-18,20-26,28-32
Powerful Pink Printed Tights $22.00 16-18,20-26,28-32
Abstract Fruit Tights $22.00 16-18,20-26,28-32
Goth Cross Suspender Tights $22.00 16-18,20-26,28-32
Afya Printed Tights $22.00 16-18,20-26,28-32
The Illusion Tights $22.00 16-18,20-26,28-32
Promise Printed Tights $22.00 16-18,20-26,28-32
Lilypad Tights $22.00 16-18,20-26,28-32
2 Stripe Tock Tights $22.00 16-18,20-26,28-32
50D Opaque Footless Tights Denim $19.90 16-18,20-26,28-32
50D Opaque Footless Tights Purple $19.90 16-18,20-26,28-32
80D Opaque Tights Burgundy $22.00 16-18,20-26,28-32

Plus Size Hosiery & Panty Hose

Whether you’re in search of some sexy black plus size stockings or on the lookout for a pair of purple striped plus size tights, Plus Size Bras has you covered. We’re committed to delivering plus size hosiery and panty hose that doesn’t compromise style for comfort.

Plus Size Leggings

Designed to be both comfortable and stylish, our range of plus size leggings features great patterns, including floral and psychedelic designs. They also come in a range of exciting colours such as lilac, blue, lime and rose.

Plus Size Tights

If you’re looking to inject some colour into your wardrobe, look no further than our range of fantastic plus size tights. Ranging from size 8 to 44, our panty hose tights are available in colours that include a brilliant red, a gorgeous green and a pretty pink that will make you stand out in a crowd. We also offer subtle black plus size tights as well as a variety of different patterns and designs.

Plus Size Thigh Highs

Browse our range of sensuous plus size thigh highs and show off your curves! Available in a variety of designs, our flattering thigh highs will have you looking and feeling great.

Plus Size Stockings

Our range of plus size stockings is made to suit women who wear sizes 8 to 44. Made from quality fabrics, these options are as comfortable as they are great looking.

Order Plus Size Hosiery & Panty Hose Today

Browse a wide range of plus size hosiery and panty hose online and enjoy free delivery on all orders over $100.