Bra Fitting Service - Melbourne

Bra Fitting Service 

We are here to help. If you like our products but arent sure about the sizing. You can arrange a time to come and get fitted by our fitter.

We offer bra fitting servce on products that we carry only. On Wednesday, Thrusday, Friday (by Appointment Only)

Please give us a call to arrange.


Wednesday/Thrusday/Friday (By Appointment Only)

Knoxfield, Melbourne 3180



What will happen during a professional fitting? What should we wear or bring to prepare?

We mainly need to measure your underband. The rest of the fit is by visually assessing your body shape and where your breast tissue in on your body, and we will then suggest a few styles and sizes for you to try. We prefer you to wear a bra(but not a must) as it lifts your breast tissue into the correct place so we can give you your size from that assessment. Do not worry if the bra you are wearing does not fit you, our fitter can see beyond that for you. 


Useful tips?

  • Know your body type – finding which bra shape suits you is just as important as getting the size correct.
  • Be open minded – try new sizes if recommended by your bra fit expert. Getting used to a new size can feel quite strange to begin with, especially if you have been wearing the wrong size over a long period of time.
  • Have an idea in your head as to what kind of bra you’re after – whether that’s a day-to-day bra, strapless, sports bra or a style for special occasions.
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