Your Most Common Questions About Bras: Answered!

July 16,2018
Your Most Common Questions About Bras: Answered!

Even though most of us wear a bra every day, some of us remain totally clueless when it comes to knowing much about them. How should we wash them? When should we replace them? How do we know they’re fitting right?
The list goes on!
Here are some of the most common questions about bras, answered below.
How do you know when it’s time to throw away a bra?
This depends a lot on how often you’re wearing said bra. If you’re wearing it everyday or every other day, it’s only going to last a few months. But say you have 3 to 4 everyday bras you wear on rotation – the average lifespan of each of those bras would be around 6 to 8 months.
Signs of this will include the band becoming loose, having to wear it on the closest set of hooks, wrinkles in the padding or cups, or any wires popping out.
Do you really have to wear a bra?
That’s completely upto you. For those women with larger breasts, it’s important to wear a bra so that you’re giving yourself the extra support you need. Bras will also help to round and shape the breasts, making any clothes you wear on top look much better.
Which straps are best for women with big boobs?
The wider and thicker, the better. Because there’s a larger volume being scooped and lifted, your straps need to be able to take the weight, and skinny spaghetti straps might look pretty, but they just won’t do the trick.
What’s the secret to finding a strapless bra that works?
The bra needs to fit firmly around your bust line, because most of the support will be coming from the band as there are no straps. You should be able to fit no more than two fingers underneath the band. The cups should also be centered, lifting your bust midway between your shoulders and elbows.

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