Wired Vs Non Wired Bras – Which One Should You Be Wearing?

February 7,2018
Wired Vs Non Wired Bras – Which One Should You Be Wearing?

There’s so much talk when it comes to whether a wired or non-wired bra is right for you, and there tends to be two camps of ladies who sit firmly on each side of the fence.
Women with larger chests have often been told that they need to opt for a wired bra to provide them with enough support – but this is a myth ladies, and we’ll be setting the record straight in today’s blog post!

Non wired bras
Non wired bras are recommended for teenagers, pre and post pregnancy, after surgery, and also in old age.
Generally, these bras will be more comfortable to wear, and gentler on the skin.
And thanks to revolutionary technology, there are new materials that can make non-wired bras a whole lot more supportive than they used to be – meaning women with fuller busts can go wire free and still enjoy the same support as they would from a wired bra.
However, because the centre part of the bra doesn’t sit flat against your chest, it can mean that ladies with larger breasts will find them squished together, which can be uncomfortable and also unhygienic.
Wired bras  
Wired bras tend to be favoured by the majority of bra wearers, and because of this they tend to come in prettier, more flattering designs, and are more widely available too.
Despite advances in technology, wired bras are still the overall winner when it comes to the ultimate support and lift for your breasts – and help to avoid back or shoulder pain from arising in the process.
There’s also so much talk about underwires being uncomfortable or even painful, but the only time your underwire should be giving you trouble is if you’re wearing the wrong size bra. Hi-tech flexible wires of today mean that you shouldn’t be able to feel the wires at all, so if you can it’s highly likely you’re wearing the wrong size.

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