Why Should We Wear Underwear?

August 14,2021
Why Should We Wear Underwear?

Most of us wear undergarments simply because it’s a habit we’ve cultivated from childhood. Some of us may feel like underwear is too constricting and may have adapted to going commando whenever we could. Since we already wear clothes, these small pieces of clothing can’t be about modesty and covering yourself up. So, could wearing underwear be a part of hygiene and personal wellbeing? Let’s take a look.

A brief history of underwear

In modern life, underwear plays a dual role – being an item of fashionable comfort and functioning support. But, is underwear a discovery by the modern civilization or a polished adaptation of trails left by our ancestors?

According to cultural and apparel studies, undergarments were prevalent even during the time of Egyptian pharaohs. Vikings used socks to keep their private area warm during winters while Native Americans and Chinese noblemen wore loincloths centuries ago. Throughout the history of the world, we can find pictorial and textual representations of underwear-type clothing.

Modern underwear for women started as wraps back in the 17th century. These “glorified diapers” were replaced by loose shorts called bloomers through the 17th and 18th centuries, which then transformed into pantalettes by the 1900s. Made with luxurious fabrics, the shorter, fitted drawers became fashion statements. One by one, briefs, bikinis, thongs, g-strings and Spanx made their appearance. Underwear began to be thought of as “sexy”, something that could make you feel good, something you might even want others to see.

So, why should we wear underwear?

The primary aim of underwear is to protect our genital area. Let’s see some other reasons to wear undergarments.

Personal Hygiene

Though wearing underwear isn’t a must for good genital health, a well-fitted but breathable pair of undies can be beneficial. The vulva is a delicate area that needs gentle, careful treatment. When we move about the day, especially when we go outdoors, the skin gets exposed to undesirable particles that could cause rashes and infections. Underwear acts as a barrier against dirt, bacteria, fungi and environmental contaminants. Wearing cotton panties will keep our intimate areas dry and comfortable. Wearing breathable underwear also helps in avoiding acne in the genital and butt region.

Increases Comfort

Wearing the right kind of undies can prevent chafing of the skin caused by rubbing of our thighs. It is helpful, especially when doing heavy physical activities. Longer underwear like ‘bike shorts’ or ‘boxer shorts’ would be the right companion during trekking and cycling.

Underwear also protects the genitals from irritation. When we wear clothing articles like pants and jeans, the sensitive skin constantly rubs against the crotch seams. It often leads to pain or skin irritation. If the bottoms we wear only get washed occasionally, this might trap germs there as well. Underwear will prevent the discomfort and infections caused by wearing such tight bottoms.

Enjoyable Workouts

We often exercise in shorts and leggings. When we spend an hour daily in tight, sweaty clothes like these, we’ll be at a higher risk for bacterial infections since moist environments encourage bacterial growth.

Wearing a pair of sweat-wicking underwear is the perfect solution for this issue. Sportwear made of absorbing fabrics will keep the genital area clean and dry. We’ll be able to work out more comfortably without the fear of infections.

Protects from leakage

Menstruation is often stressful because of the constant worrying about staining our clothes. Bladder incontinence is yet another cause for anxiety, especially when we’re in a social area. Extra absorbent ‘period panties’ helps keep our clothes clean and unstained.


It would be a lie if we said wearing pretty underwear doesn’t give us an extra boost of confidence. Even if we’re the only ones who see them, feeling the gentle fabric against our skin and knowing we look amazing in it will always be empowering. If you’re ever feeling a little down, try putting on your sexiest lingerie and admire yourself. Trust us, it’s a great confidence-boosting trick.

Underwear is a stunning union between fashion and function meant to protect the intimate area and make you look beautiful. From boxer briefs to thongs, the benefits and functionalities of underwear are many. Whenever possible, use undergarments made of breathable, natural fabrics to keep your genitals dry and comfortable. Always choose what suits you best and live your life stress-free. Check out our wide range of knickers and panties.

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