Why Lingerie Is More Important Than You Think…

July 5,2017
Why Lingerie Is More Important Than You Think…

Lingerie doesn’t just keep our breasts supported and sculpted and it’s definitely not something you should be buying and wearing for your partner’s pleasure alone.
You might not realise it but lingerie is the key to expressing who we are.
Whether you’re a mother of three, a teacher of high school kids or even a police officer with a strict uniform – you can rock whatever lingerie you like underneath your clothes.
Isn’t that wonderful?
You can wear whatever takes your fancy and indulge in the mood you’re currently in – no matter what that might be.
If you want to be comfy, you can reach for your trusty t-shirt bra and cotton briefs. If you’re feeling feminine or romantic, opt for lace or something slightly sheer. In more of a sexy mood? Try a suspender belt or a cheeky cut-out panty.
Lingerie allows you to channel your real personality and express who you truly are on the inside, regardless of what you might be wearing on the outside.
And it allows you to do it in a subtle fashion. Most of the time, nobody will get to see your lingerie apart from you. But that’s what makes it all the more special.
Wearing lingerie is a gift you can give to yourself every single day.

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