When should you replace your bra

March 2,2016
When should you replace your bra
  • How many bras do you own?
  • And of those bras how many do you actually wear, regularly?
  • We get it, it’s your favourite or most comfortable bra. Nobody wants to be uncomfortable at work and bra shopping can be particularly torturous; so if you’re comfortable and it’s doing the job why bother changing?

Let me begin with this. Plus size no longer means uncomfortable bras. If you’re wearing an uncomfortable bra then there is simply no reason for it. There are so many styles and sizes available. Issues you may have had 2, 5 or 10 years ago are no longer a concern.
It’s so important to wear the right bra for you unfortunately bras have a finite lifespan and when they enter their twilight years it’s best for you to be cruel to be kind. You know if your bra needs a DNR (do not resuscitate) but often it’s a decision we put off until the underwire breaks or the elastic goes.

What if I told you the lifespan for the average bra is 6 months. Six months of regular wear regardless of fabric, manufacturer or style. It’s shocking isn’t it. But industry standards are that after 6 months of reasonable wear a bra should be replaced.
So if you like to break-in your bra like a good pair of shoes you’re doing the wrong thing. It’s not your body becoming accustomed to the bra but rather your bra is becoming accustomed to your body.
After 6 months you may find yourself tightening the backband or straps because the fabric has started to stretch and not regain it’s original shape. Having adjustable straps and backbands means that you can tighten them when the elastic starts to wane. If your body hasn’t changed (and often week to week they do) then consider having to tighten anything a sign that it’s time to start shopping for your next bra.

  • What other signs should you look for in a DNR bra?
    You’re wearing the bra on the tightest hook and the backband still moves around.
  • Does the elastic have any stretch left? Is it dirty or stained or discoloured and simply won’t clean?
    Perspiration can leave stains that are difficult to remove.
  • Has the elastic come away from the fabric? Is the underwire poking through?
  • Are the hooks and eyes rusted or misshapen?

Think about the bra you have on. Should you really be wearing it? Would you be happy for someone to see it? Is it doing the job it’s supposed to do? If the answer to any of these is a resound No! Then it’s time to upgrade your bra game. It will not only make you look better but also make you feel better. If who you are on the inside is more important than the outside (and we believe it is) then surely the same can be said for your underwear?
If you’re not quite at the DNR stage how can you extend the life of your bra? Rotate it! I know it sounds strange but the fabric needs time to rest and the fibers need to relax and get a day off from work. If you rotate between 3-5 bras then you can be confident that your bra will last a lot longer than the requisite 6 months. This is especially important for plus sizes. Bras over a DD work hard, they’re engineered to keep you comfortable, supported and a range of other benefits.
If you don’t want to complicate your life with different styles and fabrics then simply find the bra you love and buy it in bulk. For the price of a store bought ‘brand name’ bra you can buy 3-5 of our bras. This will give you at least 2-5 years of comfort and support!
There are 3 rules for extending the lifespan of your bra.

  1. Rotate. You should wear between 3-5 bras every week
  2. Wash. Follow the laundry advice. Most of our bras are machine washable but please use a laundry bag it will make all the difference.
  3. Put it on properly. If you can’t fasten a back closing bra at the back (and instead you do it up at the front and then twist it around your body. You are ruining your bra. If you have trouble with a back closing bra choose a front closing bra. If the back band is tight enough putting a bra on the twist method will surely kill it sooner rather than later.
  4. Every few months inspect your bras. Are they in good condition? Does anything need to be replaced?

I hope I’ve convinced you that you need more bras in your collection or to get rid of the DNR’s. Next week we will be looking specifically at what bras you need in your lingerie collection. You may be surprised at what is available for plus sizes these days.

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