What’s the perfect underwear to wear during each stage of your menstrual cycle?

October 14,2021
What’s the perfect underwear to wear during each stage of your menstrual cycle?

What we wear on any given day depends on our mood, right? Sometimes, all we want to do is wear the comfiest pair of shorts and be couch potatoes for the weekend. On other days, we might feel like rocking the party in our high heels and body con dress.

But, did you know that the “mood” is affected by our menstrual cycle as well? Lingerie experts suggest that changes in outfits shouldn’t be limited to just the outer fit. The underwear we choose to wear can have a miraculous impact on how we feel. To make your outfit choices easy, we have created a stage-by-stage breakdown for the best fitting underwear. If you want to know what’s the perfect underwear for each stage of your menstrual cycle, read on.

Day 1 – Day 3

For most women, the first three days of the period will have the heaviest flow. During those days, what you need is comfort. Full briefs will give maximum coverage at this stage of the menstrual cycle and let you rest on the couch without worrying about leakage.

Days 4 – Day 6

Usually, the flow will slow down and end by this stage. You’ll still want some coverage, but you’ll want to feel a bit sexier again. For these days, a hipster brief will be the best choice.

Day 7 – Day 10

By now, the painful memories of the period will start to fade, and the sexier persona will be ready to jump out. Energy levels boost up, and you’ll generally feel more upbeat during these days. Celebrate the carefree days with a thong or a G-string.

Day 11 – Day 15

You’re at the mid-point. At this stage, the fertility levels will be at their highest. If you and your partner have been trying to conceive, this will be the best time for it. Now is the time to pull out your sexiest and lacy lingerie.

Day 16 – Day 19

Our bodies will start preparing for a baby or period from day 16. Hormone levels will begin to fluctuate at this stage of the menstrual cycle. The changes can make you feel uncomfortable, so comfy briefs will be your best choice.

Day 20 – Day 26

These days can be difficult because of the sudden mood swings and loss of energy. PMS usually comes full force at this stage of the cycle and cause bloating. When it feels like the discomfort has reached a boiling point, the best thing to do would be to take a break and relax. Cotton briefs and panties would be your best companion during days like these.

Day 27 – Day 28

Chances are, by now, the snappy mood will have worn out. But you’ll be groaning at the fact that your periods are just around the corner. Experts say soft cotton briefs are the best underwear for this stage of the menstrual cycle. They’re incredibly comfy and gentle on the skin and the perfect partner when getting ready for aunt flow.

The struggle with mood swings during the menstrual cycle is real – at times, you feel like you’re on top of the world; at other times, you wallow in the depths of Tartarus. While that is natural, if your mood swings affect your quality of life or interfere with your daily work, seek medical help. You deserve to be as comfortable as you can be at all times of your menstrual cycle. We hope this simple guide on the perfect underwear for each stage of your menstrual cycle can help you do just that.

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