What's The Difference Between a Molded and a Non-Molded Bra?

July 4,2018
What's The Difference Between a Molded and a Non-Molded Bra?

You’ve probably heard of molded and non-molded bras, but do you know the difference? In this post, we’ll be getting clear on what each one is, and how to identify it in a flash!
What is a molded bra?
If a bra has molded cups, it’s a molded bra. The molding refers to the cups specifically, which are made using a special machine with heat to shape the material. This is then covered with another material, or left as is.
The great thing about a molded bra is that the breast tissue molds to the shape of the cups, giving you the lifted and rounded shape you’re after.
A great tip to see if a bra is molded or not is to set it down (cups facing up). If the cups stay up, it’s a molded bra.
Some also have padding or a push-up effect added, but a molded bra without padding will not add any volume to your cup size.
What is a non-molded bra?
A non-molded bra will have no padding or additional lining in the cups. This will give a natural fit and appearance, as the cups won’t be molding your breast shape. Bras like bralettes and demi bras are examples of non-molded bras.  
These are still designed to be supportive, often in the way the cups are sewn together with multiple pieces and seams, creating a stronger piece.
The choice is entirely up to you! If you’re looking for contouring and shaping, or padding, a molded bra might be best. If you’re not looking to increase your bust size, and want to accentuate your natural shape, a non-molded bra is the way to go.

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