What to Wear at Home During the Summer?

January 26,2021
What to Wear at Home During the Summer?

Summer is that time of the year when all you want to do is sit in the shade, put your feet up and sip on the tall glass of lemonade (or beer or whatever you love to sip). It’s also the time when you hate every extra layer of clothing that you need to put on. So what to wear at home during the summer? Here are our top picks to stay cool during the summer.

What to wear at home during summer?


There is nothing more soothing than slipping on a comfortable singlet to beat summer heat. It’s a versatile piece of home-wear – wear it as a single piece or pair it up with leggings, with or without sleeves, as a nightdress or daywear.

A few things to note:-

  • Go for comfortable cotton pieces to keep you cool.
  • Go for one size larger to avoid chaffing.
  • Find styles with binding on neckline and armholes for maximum comfort.

Have you tried our frilly loungewear? This soft knit loungewear with adjustable straps is perfect to lounge around the house or to carry for your summer travels.

Lounge Pants and Leggings

If you like to wear a two-piece with a pant and top, lounge pants, leggings or PJ sets are a great option. Lounge pants work well with short tops. Leggings work well with longer tunic tops. The best part is that these pants are so versatile; use them as day wear or as a nightdress. You can also mix and match with multiple tops for a different look each time.

Need to step out quickly to pick up a few things from the nearby shop? You don’t need to dress up. Pull on a T-shirt with your lounge pants, put on a shady hat, and you are good to go.

Spruce up your dress while stepping out in the sun

It isn’t easy to dress up during summers, because you don’t feel like putting on a lot of make-up or multiple pieces of clothing while going out. There are a few things you can do to spice up your simple and comfortable summer dresses, or shorts and tops.

  • Pair your dress up with a contrasting belt.
  • Put on a wide matching hat.
  • Put on a contrasting beaded necklace. It can give a chic look to any outfit, whether it’s a summer dress or denim shorts.
  • Pair up your outfit with trendy sunglasses.
  • Pull on a lacy vest on top of your top. It isn’t heavy clothing to add to the heat; while giving a trendy twist to your clothing.
  • Try comfortable sandals with straps. They can keep your feet airy, as well as add some chic to your dress.

Going swimming?

With the current COVID situation, you may not get to swim or visit the beach much. But make the best out of whatever opportunity you get with the wide range of swimwear from Plussize. From swim dresses to tankini tops to tummy control swimsuits we have it all.

What about innerwear?

It’s ok to skip wearing your bra occasionally during the summers when you are at home. But ensure that you are wearing comfortable and well-fitting bra and panties. Ill-fitting undergarments can ruin a good outfit, not provide good support, cause chaffing and make you uncomfortable.

Keep yourself hydrated. It is essential to drink lots of water and fluids during summer to make up for the lost water due to sweating and heat. And don’t forget that sunscreen when you step out!

Summer is the perfect time to laze around. Enjoy the sunny days in style and comfort.

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