Want Your Boobs To Looks Smaller? Here’s How To Do It!

June 11,2018
Want Your Boobs To Looks Smaller? Here’s How To Do It!

Many women with larger breasts often wish they could shrink them just a little, so they’re not always looking so prominent, and so they can also fit into certain styles of clothing comfortably.
It’s also no fun having your boobs be the centre of attention wherever you go!
Luckily, there are a few natural tricks and tips to help make your boobs appear smaller, without opting for a breast reduction.
Check them out below.
Wear the right size!
Some women make the mistake of trying to squeeze into a bra that is smaller than their actual size, thinking this will help make their boobs appear smaller. But this actually has the opposite effect – it will make them look bigger, plus it will be all kinds of uncomfortable – don’t do it!
If you don’t know what size you are – get fitted! And remember, this can change depending on the style and brand of bra.
Try a minimiser bra
Certain brands and stores carry bra minimisers, which use special fabric to separate your breasts, and spread the breast tissue more evenly, which can give the appearance of smaller breasts overall.
We recommend trying one of these before doing something drastic like going under the knife – you might find the effects of a minimiser enough.
Avoid padded bras
If you’re wearing a padded bra or a push up bra, this will be making your boobs look bigger. Try and opt for a thin, molded cup. Make sure you’re checking the thickness of the cup and trying to find one as thin as possible, while offering you the shape and coverage you prefer.
Have you tried any of these tips above, and have they worked for you? Let us know in the comments below!

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