Top Lingerie Tips From Our Favourite Celebs

January 3,2018
Top Lingerie Tips From Our Favourite Celebs

Ever wondered what the celebs have to say when it comes to lingerie and embracing your sexiness?
Well, wonder no more – we’re bringing you a roundup of the best advice we’ve heard when it comes to bras and knickers.
What should every woman have in her underwear drawer?
“It’s important to know your size and have bras that fit you properly, as well as a model kit; so whites, nudes, greys and blacks to go under everything. Then you have your big knickers, your thongs, your boy pants…” – Daisy Lowe.
Try something new
“Don’t be afraid to experiment with colour, textures, embellishments and prints. especially after you already have all your basics add to this with now some more fun underwear. It can all be just for you or for someone special.” – Heidi Klum.
Wear it for yourself
“Don’t wear it for a man,” Shayk told Us Weekly. “My lingerie is for me and I have to feel it like it’s my second skin and have to be comfortable, so definitely wear it for yourself, and just love your body.” – Irina Shayk
Get comfortable seeing yourself in lingerie
“I think maybe more women should try it, not prancing around in lingerie in front of large groups of people, but just wearing it at home before they think they’re ready… They might surprise themselves and see their bodies in ways they weren’t anticipating.” – Megan Fox.
Make yourself feel good
“Seduction is at its finest when it’s nonchalant. You have to make him believe that you just are that way. So when you think, ‘I’m going to try some garter belts on for him, and I think he’ll like this color,’ you’ve missed the whole point. But if you’re indulging in things that make you feel good about yourself, and that are also beautiful and luxurious and fit you well–things that you would wear every day whether or not someone’s looking–that’s when it becomes natural and effortless. And that’s when you really get him where it hurts.” – Dita Von Teese.

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