Tips for Storing Lingerie and Nursing Bras

June 13,2020
Tips for Storing Lingerie and Nursing Bras

We all have done that, at least at some point in our life. We spend a lot of time to buy beautiful lingerie, follow wash instructions meticulously and then just dump the piece into the drawer. Proper storage is important to keep your favorite lingerie pieces in good condition. Read on for a few tips on storing lingerie and nursing bras.

Identify what needs to be stored and chucked out
Yes, all of us have our favorite pieces of lingerie. But if they no longer fit, or have become too old to wear, they need to be moved out. Or, you’ll end up with no space to store new ones. Check if you have not been using any piece for over 1 year, it’s not likely you would be using it again. You have stopped wearing it for a reason.

Organize your lingerie by style, colour, and frequency of use. E.g.: Keep daily wear pieces together, molded cup bras together. If you wear a lingerie piece only with a special dress, it’s a good idea to store the piece with the dress.

Arranging and storing
• Get a drawer organizer to divide your drawer into compartments.
• If you don’t have a drawer, you can use a basket. Line it with clothing, so that your bras don’t snag.
• Molded bras and wired bras – Ensure that they are not turned inside out, and are not folded; they may lose their shape. Stack them one after the other, like spooning.
• Fold underwear and stack them. Panties can also be rolled and stacked.
• Stacking your underwear gives you a bird’s eye view. You can also easily grab one piece without the rest of them tumbling off the pile.
• Hanging babydolls and shapewear is a good idea. You can get non-slip hangers or skirt hangers if you have enough space in the closet.
• Put some dried flowers in a sachet, or get a ready scented sachet and place it in the drawer or basket. This helps in keeping the section smelling good and fresh.
• Store nursing bras separately. Ensure that they are regularly washed and dried well. You can avoid placing scented sachets in the nursing undergarments section. They may leave a light fragrance on the cloth and may irritate your baby’s nose.

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