Tips for choosing the right post maternity shapewear

September 25,2019
Tips for choosing the right post maternity shapewear

Shapewear has become so popular and universal now that there is such a huge variety of styles and fabrics. You can find shapewear for everyday use, special occasion, post-pregnancy, and delivery shapewear, you name it. Post-partum shapewear may not be on top of the list of new mommies, when you have a tiny human to take care of with no sleep, no shower and missed food timings. But shapewear is not about looking flawless for post-delivery women, there are many other benefits as well.

Why shapewear after delivery?
  • Post maternity shapewear aids in repairing and returning your body to pre-pregnancy days. We are not promising magic, but it helps in shrinking your muscles back to the previous state and reduces the pressure on your back and legs.
  • Back pain troubling you? It’s normal with all that not-normal posture during pregnancy. Shapewear can help support your back and ease back pain.
  • Post maternity shapewear gives abdominal support and helps to tuck in those loose muscles.
  • Shapewear are not new, they have been used for centuries (in different forms, though) to help repair Diastasis Recti, where your abdominal muscle halves get separated during pregnancy.
  • Wearing shapewear keeps you comfortable with all that extra support and keeping everything in where it should be. This goes a long way to boost your confidence in these stressful times.
How to choose the right shapewear post-delivery?

Get the right size

Do not worry if your size has gone up. It’s normal, do not try to squeeze yourself in your pre-pregnancy shapewear. Tighter shapewear will not give you extra firmness, it will only make you uncomfortable and bulgy.

Shapewear should not be visible under your clothes

Yeah sure you are not wearing those figure-hugging clothes for some time, but you’ll need shapewear that conceals well under your clothes. Check out the wide range of thin and breathable shapers on Plus Size here.

Choose the right style

Every lady’s need is different for a shaper. Choose one that suits your needs. A high waisted tummy and back support shapewear is ideal for post maternity. The Waist and Tummy Support High Waisted Shaper brief with cotton-lined front gives you good coverage and it is hypoallergenic, you get all the comfort while reshaping and supporting your tummy, waist and back, and it is comfortable to wear for long hours. A full body underbust style is also quite popular. These styles will give you a full compression while leaving your breasts free for easy feeding.

Keeping the shaper in place

New mommies need an acrobat’s flexibility to keep everything smooth and functioning. You cannot keep checking your shapewear every few minutes to pull it in place. Go for styles that have bands to keep the shapewear in place without being too constricting.

C-section? Can you wear shapewear?

Many women wear shapewear 2-7 days after their C-section to ease pain while moving around, and to help reshape their figure, and support their back. Many women continue wearing shapers for a long time after their delivery to help with their ‘c-section pouch’ and reshaping.

Normal or c-section, every pregnancy and delivery is different, and so are you. It’s always advisable to consult your gynaecologist or doctor before you decide to go for a post-maternity shapewear.

And remember it’s not about looking flawless. You just made a tiny human, love yourself for that. Shapewear is all about being comfortable and learning to love your body.


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