Things to look out for While Buying a Strapless Bra

June 16,2021
Things to look out for While Buying a Strapless Bra

A strapless bra is an essential in every woman’s wardrobe. They pair best with dresses that flatter your shoulders, like an off-shoulder dress, a bandeau top, or any sort of shoulder-baring style. You can also avoid the straps peeking out unnecessarily by opting for a strapless. There is a lot of myth and fear associated with the strapless bra, which you can shake off once you get your facts right here.

A strapless bra is slightly different from a normal bra. The obvious difference is the lack of a strap (no points for guessing that, wink!). Unlike the normal bra, where the straps also support the breasts, the band supports your breasts and keeps them in place in a strapless bra. We’ll talk more about that when we get there. So before you go bra shopping, read this quick guide. Follow these to prep yourself for the things to look out for while buying a strapless bra.

Things to Look out for While Buying a Strapless Bra

Silicon Grips

Strapless bras usually come with a silicone grip at the outer edge of the cup. This is to make sure that the bra doesn’t slip down. This saves you from having to pull up your dress often, which is usually the primary cause of concern for strapless bras. With a silicone grip, the bra stays in place, and you can rock any dress with confidence.

Optional Straps

Strapless bras don’t have to be just that; they can also have optional straps so that you can wear them more often. It also gives you the option of wearing it with single-shoulder dresses, racerback, halter back, and more exciting styles.

Some normal bras come with detachable straps. While they function great as normal bras, they might not be great strapless bras. This is due to the essential difference in the structure of the strapless bra and the normal bra. So be wary of using normal bras with detachable straps as strapless bras.

Picking the right size

Size is everything when it comes to picking the right bra. Make sure you choose the right band size and cup size, as the band does all the work in a strapless bra. The right-sized bra is a perfect solution, but most of us wear the wrong size of bra. This can be due to many reasons, one of which we mostly overlook is the changes in our body. Read our expert advice on picking the right size before getting measured the next time.

Hooked on Hooks

We cannot emphasise how important hooks are to a strapless bra. This is because the strapless bra relies entirely on the band to function. When it comes to hooks, the more the merrier. A wider band with more hooks ensures that there is even support along the width of the bra. This also evens out the stress on the sides and reduces chafing, and gives a comfortable fit.


Boning refers to the little strips of stiff material on the sides of the band. They are used to keep the shape of the bra. Strapless bras with boning on the sides add extra support and maintain the structure. Bras with boning are notorious for turning uncomfortable in the long run as the material gets worn out. The easiest solution to that is to find bras that have soft padding around the boning.

Strapless bras can be your best friend while you step out in your favourite shoulder-baring dress. These are some of the things to look out for while buying a strapless bra so that you can avoid the embarrassment of pulling up your dress from slippage. With these tips in mind, pick the right strapless bra, and rock your dress with confidence!

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