The Psychology of Dressing Well

November 24,2020
The Psychology of Dressing Well

Dressing well is more than just about looking good. It has a strong influence on your state of mind, the way you act and consequently, how others look at you. Try this simple trick – take two of your favourite tops – wash and dry them. Wrinkle one up and stuff it in a corner, iron out the other one, neatly fold it and keep it on the shelf. Wear each one and spend some time in it, preferably around people. How did you feel wearing each one? We thought so. So, here’s how the psychology of dressing well impacts your daily life.

Influences your mood

Dressing well can positively affect your life by changing your mood. Studies confirm that there is a direct connection to the clothes you wear and to your personality, mood, attitudes and confidence. Dressing well stabilises your mood and improves the quality of happiness, drastically reducing the risk of depression.

Impact the way people hear you

Your clothing and the way you present will influence the way other people hear what you say. It will determine if they will listen to you or trust you. All of us tend to assess someone we meet for the first time based on what they wear. Even we assess ourselves on how we present ourselves based on the way it makes us feel.

Can make you productive

Your attire can change the way you perform. You have days when you feel uninspired, directionless or lacking energy. Putting on something dull and dishevelled can make you feel the part. However, if you wear your favourite outfit, it can improve your mood. You will have more energy and motivation resulting in a productive day.

Can control your behaviour

Studies prove clothing that is associated with certain roles embolden us to act accordingly. Wearing formal office wear can make you feel more confident and can even increase hormones needed for displaying dominance. Researches have validated a link to suggest people unconsciously act in a way that is matched to their attire.

Here are some tips for dressing well:

Purge your closet

Toss away clothes that are outdated, doesn’t fit, has holes, or doesn’t represent that concept of success you have. Remove the stretched out blazer or clothing you haven’t worn in two years from your closet. Doing this will free up space for new, more functional pieces.

Iron or dry-clean your clothing

Avoid wearing wrinkled clothes. An ironed dress automatically gives a boost for your professionalism.

Choose colours that complement your skin tone

Avoid gaudy colours or obnoxious patterns. Choose colours that match your skin’s undertones. Clothes with warm colours tend to look better for people with warm undertones while cool colours pair best with cool-toned skin.

Have your clothing tailored or custom-made

While it may be hard for everyone to afford custom-made clothing, you can easily find an affordable tailor. Clothes that fit you tolerably well can be fixed with some simple tailoring. Ill-fitting clothes display unprofessionalism. For the same reason, you should also make sure you have properly fitting undergarments.

Quality over quantity

It’s better to invest in a few slightly more expensive clothing than owning a whole closet full of cheap-looking clothing. And when you buy something inexpensive, try for dark colours that make it easy to conceal the quality of the fabric. Quality clothing fits better, looks better, and gives you a more refined, respectable appearance.

Dressing well is a hallmark of self-respect. It creates opportunities to be viewed in a more positive light and can open up doors that we may have once thought were closed. So, are you ready to dress well and become a more rounded, successful, put-together individual?

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