The New Rules Of Lingerie

July 12,2017
The New Rules Of Lingerie

Here are our top 4 pieces of lingerie advice every woman needs to hear.

  1. Lingerie is not just about sex

Lingerie is about making yourself feel good. If your partner loves you in it – great, that’s an added bonus. But don’t make it about them. Wear what makes you feel good.
It doesn’t have to be overtly sexy. There are plenty of beautiful silk and lace robes and slips you can indulge in that will help you feel comfortable and confident in your own skin.

  1. Own your lingerie choices

If you’re most comfortable in your everyday t-shirt bras, then wear those. Don’t feel pressured into wearing crotch-less panties or quarter cup bras just because that’s what everyone is raving about.

  1. Always try before you buy

The fit between stores varies so much and also between styles. Make a point of shopping around and trying plenty of things on to see what fits your body best.

  1. Lingerie is affordable for everyone

Okay, maybe you can’t afford a $100 bra but there are some cheaper versions that do a very similar job for a fraction of the price.
Fashion has become increasingly affordable and accessible over the past decade – a matching set of good quality underwear doesn’t have to cost the earth anymore!

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