The Most Influential Lingerie Trends Of The Past Decade

June 28,2017
The Most Influential Lingerie Trends Of The Past Decade

Over the past years, lingerie has exploded. It’s no longer something women buy for their partners – they wear it for themselves because it makes them feel fabulous, inside and out.
We’ve seen some flattering trends, and some that were perhaps better left as ideas.
Take a look at our thoughts on the most influential trends of the past decade.
Shapewear – Market leader Spanx was the first onto the non-existent shapewear scene and has become the world’s definitive body sculpting underwear brand.
Bralettes – This silhouette has exploded in recent years, but has been around for yonks! Its popularity lies in it being easier to manufacture, its comfort, and more affordable price than your average bra.
Harnesses & strappy details – Bondage inspired lingerie started out in a niche market but has slowly grown in mainstream.
Bodysuits, rompers & teddies – One pieces across the fashion industry have made a strong comeback, perhaps because of the ease of having to purchase and put on just one item.
Athleisure – Sportswear began to take on lingerie elements such as mesh inserts, cut away detailing, and bright pops of colour – details that were made to be seen. It’s also perfect to wear from day to night.
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