The Emotional Stages Of Shopping For A New Bra

August 7,2017
The Emotional Stages Of Shopping For A New Bra

We don’t have to explain to you how stressful bra shopping can be – we know you know all about that!
But we’ve detailed the exact stages every woman goes through when shopping for a new bra below.
Check it out and let us know in the comments below if bra shopping looks like this for you too.
Realising you deserve better
You take one final look at the wearing material, the misshapen cups, and the lethal wire poking out of the side and realise – this is it.
The bra has finally gotta go.
In the bin.
Anxiety and overwhelm of heading into a department store
The moment you walk in the door you’re confronted by endless styles, colours and shapes – where do you even start?!
And the realisation hits you that you’re going to be here a while…
Doubting you’ll ever find a good fit
You finally make it to the fitting rooms with an armful of options to try on.
But, as you struggle to find a good match, you wonder if there is even a bra that exists out there that was meant for your body.
Relief and excitement when you finally find THE ONE!
HALLELUJAH! We have a winner!
You finally try on a bra that lifts and supports you in all the right places, makes you look and feel awesome, and you just can’t believe it.

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