Summer Fashion Tips for a Cool Summer

March 6,2021
Summer Fashion Tips for a Cool Summer

Staying stylish and sweat-free at the same time can be a real challenge during summer. So how can you stay cool and look cool during the scorching heat of summer? Don’t worry. Here are a few summer fashion tips to keep you from feeling all sweaty and sticky in the summer weather.

Lighter Colors

Choose lighter colours over darker ones because light colours reflect light, thereby keeping you cool. At the same time, dark colours absorb light and make you feel hotter and sweaty.

Wear Loose

Loose clothes are the best for summer. You will feel cooler with the free airflow through the loose fabric. Loose shirts or maxi dress leave a space between your skin and the fabric, and make you sweat less.

Go Natural

Wear cotton or other natural fabrics. They are more breathable and better at absorbing sweat than synthetic ones. Cotton fabrics absorb sweat and also dries fast to make you feel cooler.

Less Jewellery

Jewellery can be bothersome during summer. If you prefer jewellery, go for breathable ones that don’t have much skin contact. Jewellery that sticks to the skin can cause sweating and lead to itching and redness.

Tie Hair Up

The ideal hairstyle for summer is a hair updo and ponytails. These hairdos will keep your hair away from your neck, giving your skin breathing space.

Cover Up

Exposing your skin directly to the hot summer sun can increase your body temperature and also damage your skin. Wearing clothes that cover up your skin can protect your skin from direct light and help keep you cool.

Scarfs and Wide-brimmed Hat

Use a scarf to keep you cool and stylish. Tie your hair with a scarf to keep your hair off the neck or wrap around the neck to absorb sweat to keep you cool. It’s best to use cotton scarfs. You can also carry a wide-brimmed hat to protect you from the sun and stay fresh.

Fresh for Freshness

During summer, wear fresh and clean clothes every time. Your worn clothes will have dirt, dead skins and salt from sweating. Re-wearing clothes without washing them can make you feel uncomfortable and hotter. Wash your clothes before wearing them to keep you fresh and clean.

Unpadded Bra and Cotton Panty

Wear unlined cotton bras instead of padded bras because padded bras can make you sweat more. Also, it’s best to wear cotton panties. Cotton materials will absorb the sweat and keep you cool.

No to Backpacks

We all know that backpack is very functional. But in summer, the thought of your backpack being stuck on your back and making you sweat heaps sucks. Carry only the most basics with you around in a sling or tote.

Avoid Lined Clothes

Avoid wearing lined dresses, skirts and jackets. The lining materials are often syntenic, which will make it hotter and less airy. So, wear unlined fabrics to make your skin breathe more air, and you will more comfortable walking around as you sweat less.

These are the few summer fashion tips for achieving a less sweaty and more cool summer. While these tips can make you look stylish, remember to keep yourself hydrated and eat healthy to feel good from within.

Have a stylish and cool summer.

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