Style Guide for Choosing the Right Bra

November 24,2020
Style Guide for Choosing the Right Bra

Finding the perfect bra is essential for every woman. Wearing the wrong bra can distract or ruin a person’s potentially great day. With a little prior planning, you can easily find the ideal bra for yourself. So here are some pointers for every bra-wearing person.

Check the product guide

Some bra styles have specifications about which size is suitable for you. For example, check out this cotton bra that provides maximum support and comfort. This bra is in ‘universal cup size,’ i.e. the b-dd cup will fit via from B to DD cup; the front gather will mould nicely only the bust from B to DD cup. We have a model who’s about a B to C cup, and the other model is DD cup both fit nicely.

So, you can easily choose your bra for this style without any confusions.

How to figure your bra size

A ratio that combines the measures of your cup and band size is your bra size. You can find your bra size by measuring with a tape.

You can measure around your back and under your bust for your band size and around your back over your nipples for your cup size.

Here is how to find your right bra size:

Learn your sister size

Knowing your sister size is helpful to adjust for size differences between brands. It can also help you when your real size is hard to shop for. Sister sizing is most beneficial for women with smaller bands and large cup sizes, or larger bands and smaller cup sizes. If a bra doesn’t fit in your usual size, the one in your sister size might work for you.

The band is the actual support

The band is doing almost all the support work while the cups hold the breasts in place. The straps which seem to support your breasts are actually there to keep your cup in position and to shape your breast.

If your bra is of the right band size, you can easily fit in your finger between your back and the strap, just by stretching it an inch. If the underwire is digging in your breast muscle, it means your band is too small. The

Uneven breasts

It’s really common to have uneven breasts. If the difference is significant enough, buy a bra that fits the larger breast. You can adjust the difference by adding a bra cutlet to the smaller breast, or by getting a bra with removable pads and removing the one on the big side.

Bras straps digging into your shoulders

This may result due to your cup size being too small, and if your breasts are spilling out around the sides of the cup, they might be putting a lot of extra weight on the straps. So it’s better if you find larger cups.

It may also be because your band is too loose, making your straps do all the work. Check if your straps are pulled so tight that they’re pulling your strap up, if yes it’s probably too large or is too stretched out.

Happy bra shopping! Find the right bra for you and let nothing stop you from being the beautiful you.

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