Staying Healthy in Spring

August 18,2020
Staying Healthy in Spring

The end of winter is in sight, and you can already feel the spring coming. You’ve been careful about your health all through the winter. But spring comes with its own set of issues like allergies, flu, and gastric problems. Here are a few tips to keep you safe and healthy during spring.

Get the ‘sunshine vitamin’ – Vitamin D
As the days get longer, there is more of the sun to enjoy. Our body needs the sun to produce Vitamin D hormone. It plays an essential part in our immunity, bone health, sleep, and energy levels.

Drink fluids to keep hydrated
Keeping yourself hydrated is essential. Our body needs water to perform every function efficiently. The water level you need depends on how active you are and your general health. For adult women 2.7 litres, and for adult men 3.7 litres – is the average liquid intake that is mostly accepted. However, listening to your body, and drinking water or other healthy fluids when you are thirsty can help you meet the requirements of your body.

Balanced diet with whole foods
Natural and whole foods give you all the nutrients you need without harmful additives. Eating fibre-rich food helps in digestive health. Nature knows best! Using seasonal fruits and vegetables is one way to ensure that you get all your micro and macronutrients. So, don you chef’s hat, and whip up some delicious recipes with berries, papaya, lettuce, melons, artichokes and much more.

Get enough sleep
Most of us are guilty of this one. But with longer days, who wants to go to bed early right? Getting enough wink time is essential for our body to rest and rejuvenate itself. Insufficient sleep has been linked to weakened immunity and other diseases. If you find it difficult to fall asleep, create a sleep routine. Try to sleep at the same time, and follow the same routines daily. After a few days, our brains understand that we are preparing for sleep – this can help in falling asleep. Keep away from harsh lights, and blue lights of electronic devices like mobiles, TVs, and computers at least an hour before you plan to sleep. Wear comfortable nightwear to bed.

Manage your stress levels
This one holds true for all seasons. While a little bit of stress is considered as motivation by some people, too much of it interferes with normal daily functioning. It can affect your mental as well as physical health, sleep, relationships, and work. There are several ways to beat stress. Pick up a hobby that you enjoy. Do breathing exercises. Learn meditation. Keep yourself physically active. Talk to a friend. Use essential oils or scented candles. Fragrances like eucalyptus and lavender are known to be effective to have a calming effect.

Keep an eye on your allergies
Depending on the type of your allergy, spring can be a stressful time for some people, like those with an allergy to pollen, certain fruits etc. Avoid your allergy triggers diligently. Keep an emergency plan ready, and let the people around you know what they should do in case of emergencies. There are plenty of support groups that can help you lead a normal life with an allergy. Talk to your health provider for more information.

These are just general tips to help you stay healthy during the spring season. It is always advisable to check with your doctor before you start any new routine, especially if you suffer from any medical condition.
So, spruce up your spring wardrobe, and get ready to bask in the sunshine!

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