Sports Bras to Get You Active this Spring

March 2,2016
Sports Bras to Get You Active this Spring

A sports bra is a plus size girls best friend. Supportive, comfortable and practical once you find the right sports bra it’s likely it will become your everyday bra. But which sports bra is best?
We all know breasts move, up down, side to side but what if I told you that a DD breast can move up to 24cm when you’re running? And that they don’t move up and down or side to side depending on the activity but rather they move in a figure 8 pattern. Diagonal down, across, diagonal up, across and so on and so forth. It’s this pattern that contributes to the ligament damage that makes our breasts sag. Sagging is inevitable with age, but that doesn’t mean that with a little TLC we can’t put it off for as long as possible.
That TLC comes in the shape of a sports bra.
Over the years we’ve gone through countless sports bra designs. We currently only stock two because they are our favourites and they both work very differently. We find that most women prefer one over the other. The sports bra styles come down to two different techniques encapsulation or compression.

An encapsulation bra supports each breast individually. This is ideal for women with larger breasts as it offers maximum support. We also included a thin layer of padding to help with comfort and modesty. The stitching is reinforced (and has been transformed into a design feature). The underwire is strong and sturdy and the strap are wide and adjustable. The fabric on the cups have limited stretch ensuring that the fabric doesn’t loose its shape and support.

As you can see the back wing is anchored low on the back (if the backstrap rides up the size is incorrect and you will need to go up a band size). The wide set straps are supporting the bra not the breasts; the underwire, backwing and cups do the heavy lifting. It comes in back and white or black and purple (new season colours are coming January) until then we have our underwire sports bra on sale for only $30!

The other style of sports bra is a compression bra. A compression bra works by flattening your breasts against your chest. Reducing projection. It can also produce a ‘uni-boob’ effect for some women. Ideal if you hate underwires and want to limit the projection of your breasts. This sports bra also has a racer style back for added support.

As you can see the underband and racer back are where the support comes from, whilst the cups compress the breasts. This compression reduces projection and therefore the amount of ‘bounce’ the smaller or flatter the breast the less bounce is generated. Best of all it is for only $39.90!

Now you’ve got no excuses to get active this Spring. With two great sports bras to choose from it’s an ideal time to take up yoga or walking before the weather heats up. You’ll feel better for it.

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