Simple tips for fixing the Bra Bulge

May 15,2020
Simple tips for fixing the Bra Bulge

Every lady, whatever size, shape, or agehas dealt with bra bulges at some or the other point. Don’t fall for the photoshopped images of those beautiful models, bra bulge is quite common. While some amount of bulge is normal, bra bulges due to incorrect bra size and unhealthy lifestyle are what you need to work on. Read on to find how you can fix or reduce your bra bulges.

Check your size

If you notice a bra bulge, the first thing to do is to get yourself measured for the correct bra size. Chances are you are wearing the wrong bra size if you are constantly fidgeting with the straps. Your size keeps changing due to various reasons, like pregnancy, weight gain or loss, shift in lifestyle, etc. Bra sizes can change as soon as within a year. To measure yourself at home –
Band size – get the tape around your back and under your bust
Cup size – get the tape around your back and over your nipples
Next – Use these 2 measurements to find your right size here

Choose the right style bra

You may still have some bulge poking out even with a right-sized bra. Choosing the right style is as important as the right size. Full cup bras provide good coverage and support for a full set of breasts. Front open bras are a good option for ladies who have a bra bulge at the back. Wide bands and straps help to minimize bra bulge as well as provide good support.

Have a healthy lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle is important not just to reduce or avoid a bra bulge, but for a total healthier you. Eat lots of clean food and a balanced diet like fresh vegetables, whole grains, seasonal fruits, nuts, and white meat. Avoid junk food, processed food, and, carb-rich food. Keep yourself hydrated – drink plenty of water throughout the day, drink fresh juices instead of fizzy drinks.

Exercise regularly. Depending on your weight, general health, and age, choose an exercise regime that will help you tone muscles of your back and chest, as well as help with overall body strength. But if you don’t like a formal exercise routine, pick up any physical activity that you love. It can be anything – dancing, cycling, running, aerobics, sports, Zumba, yoga, kickboxing. The idea is to remain physically active.

As we always say you are unique, and so is your body; bulges, curves, and all. It’s not so much as about hiding the bulges; it’s about minimizing bra bulges by choosing a healthy lifestyle and wearing the right bras, that is important for your overall health and comfort as well.

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