Simple Tips for Best Care of your Lingerie

February 10,2020
Simple Tips for Best Care of your Lingerie

Ladies, we know you love your lingerie. Even your most cherished piece of lingerie will definitely not last for years; we recommend changing your bras every 6 to 9 months depending on how many bras you have in rotation and changing sizes. But if you want them to last that long, you definitely need special care for them. It’s not rocket science, its just a matter taking out some time and following a few tips. We’ll tell you what and how. 

Follow the Wash Instructions

They are there for a reason. Depending on the style and material, each piece of lingerie may need different care. Always follow the wash care and ironing instructions for maximum life and elasticity. All our lingerie products come with care instructions. 

Hand Wash Over Machine Wash 

Hand wash is always a better option for your darling delicates, and also for your everyday sturdy ones. If you must machine wash, always use the lingerie bag and use the delicate cycle; never toss it in with other clothes. 

Use Mild and Alcohol-Free Detergents

Soak your bras and panties separately, and coloured ones separately in lukewarm water. Gently shake to loosen dirt, don’t scrub hard. Rinse thoroughly in cool water. 

Line Dry or Layout Flat

Avoid tumble drying your lingerie as it affects the elasticity. Never wring; gently squeeze out water from your bras and panties and hang them out or lay them on a clean towel, preferably in the shade. If you like your lingerie to soak up some sun, put them out for some time, and as the excess moisture is gone, move them to the shade to dry out completely. 


Store bras and panties separately; you can use drawers with dividers. For molded cups never invert or fold, as it can bend and destroy the fibres and wiring. Stack your bras and panties according to colour or style, so that it’s always easy to pull one out and put back. 

So, now you know how to give some care to your lingerie, we hope you enjoy the shape and comfort to the maximum. 

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