Simple Skincare Tips For The Rainy Months

February 18,2020
Simple Skincare Tips For The Rainy Months

It’s that time of the year when summer is getting ready to say goodbye and the rains have announced their arrival. And you have already started thinking about a wardrobe with autumn specials. And those special cosmetics. And scented candles. But in all this excitement, we forget some simple, but useful skincare steps, that go a long way to keep the skin glowing and healthy. It doesn’t take much of your time, you can easily include them in your daily routines.

Keep Yourself Hydrated

As the temperatures go down, so do the quantity of water we drink. Keeping yourself hydrated is essential for all seasons. Drinking adequate water flushes out the toxins, hydrates your skin and keeps it supple and looking fresh. An average adult needs 8 glasses of water, but you should keep in mind your activity levels and vary the quantity accordingly.

Keep that Sunscreen On

While the sun’s harmful rays are at the highest during summer, they are present pretty much round the year. So, if your sunscreen is going to run out soon, do remind yourself to get a new pack next time you go shopping.


Germs thrive in warm, humid and wet weather. Exfoliating your skin helps to clean any build-up of excess oil and dirt in your pores. It is best to use gentle scrubs or home-made ones, as harsh exfoliators strip the skin of essential oils, leaving it looking rough and dull. As it gets cooler, you may want to reduce the frequency of exfoliating depending on the humidity.

Use Minimal Make-up

You are beautiful. You don’t need layers of make-up for that. Heavy make-up is best reserved for special occasions. For daily life, a lip gloss and light make-up will help you look fresh without clogging up your pores and giving germs a chance to turn your skin into a breeding ground.

Invest in a Good Moisturizer

Most of us make the mistake of using the same moisturizer throughout the year. Moisturizing is essential for every season, but every season needs a different intensity of moisturizing. You can start looking for a heavier moisturizer, you’ll need it soon.

Read that Label

While buying skincare products, try to keep clear of alcohol-based and chemical ones. Go for natural ones as much as possible, or try home-made ones. Remember to check whether the product is suited for your skin type.

Don’t Forget Your Hair

Your hair needs as much attention as your skin. A bad hair day affects your overall look. Use gentle shampoos and conditioners. Use oil massages to keep your hair hydrated and conditioned. Avoid blow dryers as they strip the hair strands of natural moisturizer. If you have dandruff and itchiness of scalp, get help from a dermatologist on the right kind of hair care you need depending on your hair type.

Enjoy the sun and the warmth while it’s still there, give some love to your skin, hair and health and welcome autumn with a warm heart.

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