Racing florals: Floral Friday

March 2,2016
Racing florals: Floral Friday

Welcome back to Friday florals, this week we’re focusing on the lingerie you’re wearing beneath your floral inspired dresses this Spring.
With the Spring racing carnival upon us it’s all about the dress, shoes, hat; but what about what you’ll be wearing underneath your dress? Underwear can make or break an outfit. So read on if you’d like to know more about what bras and briefs you should be wearing under your dress. Afterall, if you want to be a contender for fashions on the field you have to be wearing the right bra for your outfit.

Minimizer bras

You’ve bought an amazing dress and you promissed yourself you’d loose a kilo or two before the races so it doesn’t pull as much across your chest. I feel your pain, it’s the worst. Instead of bemoaning that you have nothing to wear, try on a different bra. Different bra styles will change the way your breasts sit. Minimizers reduce breast projection by a dress size. Magic, right!? Well it’s not so much magic as common sense.  A minimizer pushes your breast sideways. So instead of all the tissue being pushed to the front of your chest creating a wider circumfrence for your dress to smooth over a minimizer equally disperses your breast tissue to the side (under the armpit) It can take a little while to get used to but this really works and Is guaranteed to reduce your top size by a dress size.

We swear by the Magic lift minimizer it comes in a range of fashion colours and from a size 16 thru to 32 you’re guranteed to find the right size for you.

Sports bras

An unusal choice for a formal occassion but for some a sports bra is the most comfortable bra they wear and if you’re not comfortable then what’s the point? Our padded sports bra gives you a wonderfully natural shape whilst holding you in. Best of all it will stay put all day long no need to constantly be readjusting yourself. If you like to be secure and reduce the bounce they can’t be beaten. Although there is nothing floral about our Bessi sports bra you’ll come out of race day smelling like a rose and be super comfortable too boot. Our underwire Sports bra is only $30. If you can’t bear to wear a sports bra under your formal wear you can always pack it in the bag for a quick change at the end of the night.

Balcony bra

What push up bras are to small sizes; balcony bras are to larger sizes. They enhance, lift and seperate your best assets. If you have a dress with a sweetheart, scoop, wrap or high v neck this bra will give you a wonderful shape. As you can see it holds you in and up whilst also giving you a natural shape. Consider this style to be the best of both worlds a bra that gives you a great shape without being too over the top and with sizes from E thru to H you’re sure to find a size that suits you. OurJasmine balcony bra also comes with a matching brief. Only $39 buys you a matching set!

Moulded Balconette bra

Our moulded padded cup balconette bra is a best seller for a reason. It gives you a marvelous shape and lift. It’s always surprising how few women have discovered the joy or a padded bra. Padded bras aren’t just for small sizes. With fashion so often manufactured for ‘ideal bodyshapes’ a moulded padded bra often will make up the fantasy. Ideal for low cut wrap dresses or deep V’s when you want to show off what you’ve got. This bra gives you the best silhouitte under tight clothing regardless of style. Currently on sale our Bessi Satin bra is the cheapest bra of the day at only $20 (you can also purchase a matching brief for an additional $12)

Strapless or convertable bras

Our multitasker, a convertable bra works with any dress style, strapless, halterneck, plunging V. You’re limited only by your imagination. If you’re looking at this bra chances are you know you need it as your dress won’t work with anything else. If you’re not comfortable going strapless you can always attach the straps whilst wearing a jacket and detach the straps when the jacket comes off. It’s the best of both worlds! With the padded and moulded cups you’ll always look your best. Our Naturally moulded bra comes in sizes 20-26 and is made for larger sizes so you can be confident that it will do the job you want.

Finally a note on shapewear. Your shapewear should be worn tight but not so tight that your internal organs feel like they’ve moved under your armpits. Shapewear now comes in so many styles and configurations we could be here all day discussing it’s merits. Head over to our website to have a look at the options we have.

Have you been following our floral Friday posts? We’ve featured fun and fearless swimwear, demure sets, bold matching sets, flower inspired tights and stockings,scentsational florals and seductive and dark bras and matching sets. Next week’s floral feature we’re going to the races!

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