Men: This Is How To Pick Lingerie Your Partner Will Love!

November 1,2017
Men: This Is How To Pick Lingerie Your Partner Will Love!

You might be apprehensive about buying lingerie for your partner, but there are a few simple steps that will ensure you pick out something that she loves, as well as flatters her figure.
After all, you want her to wear it, and not have it sat at the back of her closet unworn, or exchanged for store credit.
Here’s the lowdown on picking lingerie your partner will love!
Find out her size
Do some snooping in her underwear drawer (while she’s not around of course!) to find out the general bra and kicker size she wears. Remember – you need her cup and back size for a bra.
The last thing you want is to get this wrong! If the online store or shop you’re ordering from has a different sizing approach – don’t be afraid to ask an assistant for help to pick out the size you’re looking for.
If you get something too small, it’s going to cut and bulge in places and be really uncomfortable to wear, and if you get something too big, well, she might never forgive you!
What’s her style?
What colors does she usually wear? Is she more of a feminine girl, or does she prefer something a little sexier? What does she have most of in her underwear drawer right now? Look at the fabrics and cuts to guide you. If this is the first time you’re buying her underwear, it’s best to play it safe and stick to something within the realm of her existing collection.
Don’t wait for an occasion!
Women love receiving gifts unexpectedly, so don’t wait for an occasion like Valentine’s Day to surprise her. She’ll be so overwhelmed by your thoughtfulness.
Of course, lingerie is a nice gift to give on those momentous occasions like her birthday or Christmas, but try to accompany the lingerie with something else so that it shows you appreciate her inside and outside of the bedroom.

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