Lingerie Is Not About Seducing Men, It's About Embracing Womanhood

October 18,2017
Lingerie Is Not About Seducing Men, It's About Embracing Womanhood

We’re not going to tell you the kind of lingerie you should be wearing – there’s no right or wrong, and there’s no compulsion to always be wearing something sexy underneath your clothes.
It’s okay not to be matching all the time, and it’s okay to want to opt for something that feels comfortable and soft against your body.
But maybe there’s a deeper reason why you choose not to wear lingerie?
You save it for special occasions like date nights.
You’re married so you think there’s no point anymore.
You don’t see the point if no one’s going to see it.
But you’ve got this lingerie thing backwards ladies – it’s nothing to do with men or sex. Yes, it’s nice to wear something nice for your partner now and then, but that shouldn’t be the sole way in which you view lingerie.
What you wear directly effects how you feel, which can completely change how the world sees you.
Pretty undergarments have the power to make you feel feminine, which is refreshing in the masculine world we live in today. You might have to wear trousers and suits at work, but there’s nothing stopping you from rocking a lacy set of lingerie underneath, which will help you to feel sexy and tap into your inner goddess glow.
AND – lace bras are easier to wash than molded bras, plus they last longer! If your bust is larger than a D-cup, it’s best to opt for a lace bra that has a lining to it for more support.
Your underwear is what you wear closest to your skin, so choosing something that not only feels but looks beautiful subconsciously sends signals to yourself, affirming that your deserve beauty in your life.
Lingerie is not about seducing men – it’s about owning your unique power and energy as a woman, so own it today.

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