Lace Is Having A Moment, And You Deserve One Too!

March 22,2017
Lace Is Having A Moment, And You Deserve One Too!

In case you didn’t manage to catch the SS17 catwalks – they firmly focused on one our favourite fabrics: lace. Galliano, McQueen, and Valentino were amongst those designers who simply couldn’t get enough of the delicate material.
And understandably so!
It’s one of the most romantic fabrics of all time. Lace is simply divine, and luxurious to wear. As soon as you slip it on, you will instantly feel oh-so feminine, sensual, and adored. That’s all any of us are looking for when it comes to new clothes, right?
Lace instantly glamorises any outfit, makes it feel and appear more expensive, and look more formal too. But don’t let that stop you from wearing it in the day – as Oscar Wilde famously said, you can never be over-dressed.
This fine fabric also happens to be right on trend for this season. What more could a girl ask for?
Lace clothing and accessories are available in a variety of weights, patterns, and colours; so you’re guaranteed to find something tailored to your personal style and needs.
Whether you treat yourself to a lacy set of lingerie, a new date-night dress, or even a lace detailed pair of stiletto heels – don’t wait to dip your toes into this hot trend.
I hereby grant you permission to shop!

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