It's Time You Realised Your Body Does Not Define You

April 10,2017
It's Time You Realised Your Body Does Not Define You

Beautiful lady, today I want to talk to you about something incredibly important.
Your body, your physical appearance, and your weight, absolutely do not define you. They are not who you are. I hope you realise you are so much more than that.
Maybe your weight has changed recently, or maybe you’ve always had a plus size figure. Maybe your past experiences and encounters with certain people have led you to believe that you are somehow less of a person, or less attractive or worthy than someone with a smaller dress size.
And I want you to know this: you are so much more than the circumference of your waist. Trust me, you are.
You’re the kindness in your heart, the beautiful smile across your face, and your genuine & infectious laugh. You’re completely unique to this world, and the world is that bit more colourful and vibrant with you in it.
The next time you find yourself wishing you were thinner, going on the latest fad diet, or punishing yourself for not living up to the impossible beauty standards that have creeped into your mind – just stop.
You are perfect exactly the way you are. If you’re happy, nothing else matters.

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