How to Wear Hosiery for Confidence

December 17,2020
How to Wear Hosiery for Confidence

It’s nice to wear hosiery during winter – they are so comfy and warm. But what about during the rest of the year. You can wear hosiery pretty much throughout the year. They add a style statement to your outfit and let you step out in confidence. They smooth out knee bags, help hide camouflage imperfections, and make your legs look great, in whatever outfit. Here’s how to wear hosiery with confidence.

A brief history of hosiery

Hosiery comes from the Anglo word ‘hosen’ which means ‘to cover’. Hosiery is a term used to cover a range of legwear including mainly tights, stockings, holdups, anklets, knee highs, pantyhose. You’d be surprised to know that hosiery was originally worn by men – as adornments or as a part of protection. From the 18th century, when women first started wearing hosiery till today, it has undergone a big change. All through the changes, the hosiery holds its charm even today.

Types of hosiery

Tights – full leg and opaque

Stockings – usually sheer or semi-opaque and reaches upto upper thigh. Stockings are usually held in place by garter belts or held in place with elastic bands (these are called up Hold Ups)

Knee Highs – reaches to the knee and mostly worn under pants

Anklets – ankle length socks that are usually sheer

Pantyhose – covers entire foot upto the waist.

How to wear hosiery in style and confidence

Nude hosiery – a wardrobe essential

Nude hosiery works well for most occasions. Be sure to buy the shade that matches your natural colour. If you want to show off a tanned look, you can select a shade darker. Anything beyond that can spoil the look.

For professional wear

Nudes and shades of black work best with professional attires. If you want to splash in some colour, match it with a print colour of your office wear. Be sure that it is not too bold and is as close to a black shade as possible. A slight sheen makes you look polished and well-dressed.

With short dresses

An opaque pantyhose work best for dresses or skirts that are too short. It gives you the support and comfort you need. And also, the confidence to carry off a short dress without becoming preoccupied with the length of your dress.

For day wear and casuals

A monochromatic semi-opaque or sheer with prints works well for casual wear. Match the colour or the print colours with the prominent colour of your dress.

For evenings and glamour events

Go for shiny pantyhoses or stockings depending on the length of your dress. Shiny hosiery can make your legs appear larger, so shiny looks better on slender legs. If you want to dazzle or make a bold statement, go for hosiery that is in contrast with your dress colour. Be sure that you are prepared for the gazes turned to your legs.

Choose the right size

Just like undergarments and all other pieces of clothing, every piece of hosiery will have size mentioned. Ensure that you choose the right size – a too tight size can cut off circulation, be painful or make you uncomfortable. A larger size will give you an ungroomed or shabby look; it can spoil the effect of your dress.

Choosing the right hosiery for seasons

Choose opaque and matte tights and stockings for winter and autumn. They keep you warm as well as give you a polished look. During the summers go for sheer, fishnet, low denier stockings or pantyhoses.

Get rid of static

Static can be quite troublesome when you need to keep pulling your skirt from your hosiery clad legs, especially during dry weather or air-conditioned room. Carry drier sheets, hair spray, body lotion or a spray bottle of very diluted fabric softener. Whenever static troubles you, rub or spray one of these to avoid your dress and hosiery sticking together.

Hosiery not only make your legs look great, but it also provides good support and comfort to your legs and thighs. So, pull up those lovely pieces of hosiery and step out in style. Check out our wide range of hosiery to suit your style and taste.

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