How To Put An End To Bra Chafing

June 25,2018
How To Put An End To Bra Chafing

Chafing is common under the breasts, around the underarms, and around the nipple area.
It’s usually the result of your skin repeatedly rubbing against your clothing, or itself. And if your bra is too tight or too loose, it can fuel the problem.
Women with larger breasts are much more prone to bra chafing as there’s a larger volume of skin.
Here are 4 ways to put an end to bra chafing today!
Try a different style
Ideally, you want to lift your breasts as far as possible from your rib cage, and separate them. A longer line bra might be a winner for you!
Try lots of styles to see what works for your body, because after all, we are all different.
Choose bras with separated cups
To stop your breasts rubbing against each other, you need to opt for a bra that has separated cups, and a suitable centre gore.
If you have hardly any space between your breasts, you’ll need a narrow centre panel, and if you have lots of room, you’ll need a wider one. The aim is to ensure it lays flat against your chest, which will keep your breasts separated.
Keep your skin dry, clean and fresh.
Aside from washing regularly, exfoliation will help remove any dead skin cells – aim to do this once a week.
Make sure you’re drying yourself thoroughly before putting any clothing on – you can even use a powder to take away any excess moisture.  
Is your bra too small or large?
An ill-fitting bra – whether it’s the cups or the band, can result in chafing. So if you’re already doing all of the above and you’re still in discomfort, it’s worth getting yourself fitted to make sure you’re wearing the right size and style of bra for your shape.

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