How to prepare your Winter Wardrobe?

June 1,2021
How to prepare your Winter Wardrobe?

Winter wardrobes are all about staying warm and yet looking effortlessly chic. Looking chic and effortless can seem like an effort in itself when you would rather snuggle in a warm bed. Here is a quick tip to make things easier on that front: plan it!

The dawn of the new decade saw minimalism coming back to the trend. What better way to put together the winter wardrobe than the 90-s inspired styles that exude a cool sense of style. Here is a practical guide to put together your wardrobe, so you can start your day with ease and walk out in style.

The Coat

The coat is an absolute winter wardrobe essential. When choosing the right coat style, you can opt for types that typically complement your body shape, skin tone, hair colour, and even eye colour. But don’t let that stop you from wearing what you truly like, even if that means throwing every rule out the window. You can choose from the classics like a trench coat, wrap and tie coat, to name a few.

What colour you’d go for when getting a coat this winter largely depends upon your personal style. Lighter shades and neutral colours are a staple, so are the darker shades like black and navy. Light pink and beige are also trending colours this year and make for elegant winter wear. If a pop of colour is what you feel like, that’s great too!

The right kind of coat for you should make you feel confident and carry effortlessly. So, try on the colour, cut, length, and type you like till you find the perfect one for you.


The next essential in your winter wardrobe is the boot. Ankle length, knee-length, or snow boot? These are just the obvious few from a whole range. They don’t necessarily have to be just winter-specific either. Chances are, you wear that good-looking ankle boots throughout the year. They are perfect functional and stylish this winter too. Ankle boots are perfect for jeans and trousers as they neatly tuck underneath. Knee-length boots pair well with dresses and skirts.

A boot that provides warmth, grip, and is waterproof checks all our functionality boxes. When it comes to style, whatever checks your feels-right boxes is what matters.

Dresses are for winters too

Dresses are an amazing way to bring out your personality. But don’t let the weather dishearten you as dresses work perfectly well for the winter, too; just remember to keep it layered. If they are the key to playing up your feminine side, we say slay it with style. With the right accessories and thought to functionality, dresses can become a staple winter wear.

When choosing dresses for winter, keep in mind to choose heavier fabrics than the lighter ones used for summer. Darker colours also help to keep you warm. Longer hemlines and sleeve lengths will make you more comfortable during the winter.


Who doesn’t love a cardigan – its warm, snuggly, and stylish. This timeless piece can be easily layered to pull off a classy look. There are so many kinds of this winter wardrobe essential that you can choose from. Some classy options in knitwear are a shawl collar cardigan, long cardigan, button-up cardigan, chunky cardigan, or just a simple casual cardigan. There’s one for everyone!

These take your entire outfit to the next level; buttoned up or just at the waist, monochrome, or with a pop of colour, cardigans are here to stay this winter.


Nothing like a great pair of trousers that fit you like a soul mate. While dresses and skirts are great options, some days are meant for that favourite trouser. They are stylish, classic, and on top of all, comfortable. Investing in a couple of pairs of well-fitting trousers that are warm and functional is a must this winter. It is an easy office wear, as well as evening wear if you want.

Choose heavier fabrics and remember to layer them with tights for the chillier days. Dark colours pair well with all kinds of light tops and are easy to maintain. You can also pull off that sophisticated look with light and pastel-coloured trousers.

You can complete your winter wardrobe essentials list by adding the right kind of accessories like comfy scarves, gloves, skull caps, earmuffs, and belts. Picking the ones that complement your body and personality can complete the look you are aiming for. When it comes to wearing it right, rules are meant to be broken. Wink wink!

Have a comfy winter!

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