How To Fix Uneven Breasts Without Getting Surgery

September 11,2017
How To Fix Uneven Breasts Without Getting Surgery

A few years ago, Jennifer Lawrence famously spoke to Jimmy Kimmel about her uneven breasts, and will always be remembered as the first woman to ever broach such a taboo topic on live TV.
Your uneven breasts are nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, around 50% of women are said to have uneven breasts.
There are a number of causes for this, the main ones being:

  • pregnancy
  • breastfeeding
  • breast cancer
  • puberty – one breast developing before the other
  • left or right hand dominance – using one side of your body significantly more can build muscles in your chest
  • improper body alignment
  • weight loss or gain

Surgery is an expensive and risky route to go down in order to make your breasts appear symmetrical in size; especially when there are many natural methods you can try.
Wear a lined bra with removable cookies
If your uneven chest doesn’t bother you too much, but you’d like to be able to wear a bra that fits right, what you need is a lined bra with removable cookie pads.
Always find a bra that fits your larger breast, and then remove the pad, or add an extra one into the cup of the smaller breast to give you a little more of a boost.
Massaging your breasts will help improve circulation and stimulate the production of prolactin.
Massage the smaller one only, or twice as much as the larger one, in an inward and downward circular motion using light pressure. Do this with flaxseed or sesame oil which encourage breast growth.
Work out the breast muscles
Breast tissues are mostly made of fat, but toning the muscles in your chest area can help to make your breasts firmer. First, exercise the pectoralis major with chest presses. Next, exercise the pectoralis minor with a single arm dumbbell fly. And finally, exercise the entire chest for a balanced size.

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      I have done some research believe by increasing the amount on your weak side may assist with treating your uneven breast or even saggy breast.

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