How to choose the right sleepwear

July 2,2021
How to choose the right sleepwear

We all know sleep and mood go hand in hand. The amount of sleep you get at night has a significant impact on your mental state during the day. A good night’s sleep helps you greet the morning recharged and full of energy, while not getting enough sleep would make you grumpy and tired. The quality of your sleep can be easily affected by the clothes you wear. Here’s a quick guide on how to choose the right sleepwear for a good night’s sleep.

How to choose the right sleepwear

The perfect nightwear is anything and everything that defines comfort for you. From the traditional options like nightgowns, nighties, loungewear, lingerie or pyjamas, to something as unconventional as your favourite oversized shirt, anything goes as long as you are comfortable. Once you know your needs and favourites, picking nightwear becomes simple.

The Style

Nightwears are no longer unappealing, shapeless pieces of clothing. Instead, they are a perfect blend of comfort and style. Here are the top picks for fashionable sleepwear.

Singlets: These are designed with comfort in mind. With pretty details, they are a cute option that hits all the right notes on comfort. When you purchase nighties or singlets, make sure you don’t get anything that’s too constricting.

Nightgown: They are ultra-comfy, feminine, and the right companions for an uninterrupted snooze. These are traditional and make for a wonderful addition to your nightwear collection.

Loungewear: Though loungewear is more of a casual wear for quick errands or a lazy Sunday afternoon, it is also a popular sleepwear option. Pair them with form fitting or long tees in comfy cotton or silk fabrics.

Pyjamas: The ultimate nightwear option! You don’t need us to tell you how good PJs are. They’re always in style, and best when it comes to comfort!

Socks: Socks are an often overlooked aspect of sleepwear. The quality of your sleep depends on your body temperature. How cold or warm your feet are, plays a huge role in regulating body temperature. Covering them with light or heavy socks, depending on the climate, can make a big difference in how well you sleep.

The Fabric

The kind of fabric is important when it comes to picking the right sleepwear. How it feels on your skin, how warm or cool it makes you, and how it works with moisture counts when choosing the right fabric. The choice also depends on the climate and your personal preferences. Here’s a quick look at the best fabrics for a restful sleep.

Cotton: It is a great option as it is soft to the touch, airy, and lightweight. It is the best sleepwear fabric for summer as it can keep you cool throughout the night. However, cotton nightwear are not a good option if you have night sweats, as cotton does not dry easily when it is wet.

Silk: This is a magical fabric and a superstar in the world of nightwear. Too hot? Go for silk! Too cool? Go for silk! It absorbs moisture well and dries up fast too, making them the ideal companions for summer nights for those who tend to have night sweats. Silk is a bit on the costlier side but worth every coin!

Flannel: This soft woven fabric is ideal for the colder months of the year. Flannel and pyjamas are a match made in heaven. It is comfortable, breathable, and keeps you warm without overheating.

Bamboo fabric or Bamboo silk: It is an excellent fabric that is similar to silk. It is eco-friendly and is a moisture-wicking, thermoregulating fabric. Bamboo fabric feels as soft as silk on the skin and even has antibacterial properties due to its natural origin.

Wool and Fleece: These are a great option for the very cold winter months. They keep you warm throughout the night. However, it is advisable to avoid them if you tend to have night sweats.

These are some of the popular fabric options for nightwear, but any piece of clothing can be nightwear as long as you’re comfortable. Perfect nightwear is the ideal combination of style and functionality. From well-chosen nightwear to going au naturel, everything works as long as it works for you. We hope this guide on how to choose the right sleepwear can help solve your sleep issues to an extent. Happy Slumber!

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