April 19,2021

When buying a dress or lipstick or foundation, we always look for that perfect colour that will suit us. But when it comes to lingerie, most of us end up with black, white and skin shades. Why not bring some colour to your monotonous lingerie shelf? But why do you need colour for lingerie? One – it hides (or stands out, if you want so) against your dress. Two – it makes you feel great. Three – it adds that extra excitement on occasions when you need some. Wink Wink. So here’s how you can start finding the right colours.

Based on Your Skin Tone

Wearing the wrong colour can make your skin look washed out and, wearing the right one can make you look stunning, and that’s why it’s essential to choose the right shades that will suit your complexion.

If you have a fair complexion, you can try out some pastel or light colours. You can also go for darker tones if you want to have a more dramatic look. Also, remember to choose non-neon shades and colours that are not close to your skin tone.

For tan or olive complexion, rich shades like forest green or rust will bring out the beauty. If you have a dark complexion, you can choose from both pastels and darker hues. While light colours will make you stand out with the contrast look, brighter shades will project against the dark complexion.

Based on Your Hair Colour

In addition to skin, hair colour can also play a key role in how you look in your lingerie.

If you have blond hair, you will look best in pastel colours like shades of pinks, purples, blues etc. Avoid too light and too strong shades since they can make you look washed out. But if you like darker shades, you can try shades like crimson red – it will perfectly complement your hair.

When it comes to red hair, you will look amazing in bright hues like crisp blues, reds, purples and emerald green. You will also look gorgeous in earthy hues.

Like red hair, dark hair and brunettes also look astonishing in stronger colours like navy blue, green, red, purples and earth tones. You can also try out colourful prints.

Based on Your Eye Colour

We all know, wearing the right shades can make your stunning eyes stand out. If your eyes are hazel coloured, you have a wide range of choices to choose from. Wearing lingerie of reds, blues, greens, browns, and all earth tones will perfectly complement your eye colour.

Green coloured eyes can go for all shades in the green hue. You will also look dashing in tones of reds, olives and earth hues.

If your eyes are blue, you can try all hues of blue. You will also look astonishing wearing grey or a mix of blue with brown. If you want to try out something different, go for complementary colours like terracotta or dark peach.

If you have dark eye colours such as brown or brownish-black, you will look stunning wearing lingerie of dark shades of browns, purples, greens colours etc.

Be Daring to Try New Shades

Do you remember that one dress you thought wouldn’t suit, but was rather pretty after trying it out? It’s the same for lingerie. Even though we all have that well-matching colours, some shades end up suiting you when you try them out.

So, be daring to explore and try out new colours. This way, you will find new colours matching you and even find unique styles.

Last But Not Least, Based on Your Personality and Attitude

Of course, the colour of your clothes and lingerie can portray something about your personality and attitude. So, you can convey your message by wearing the right shade of colours. Always remember to be yourself, whether it’s lingerie or a dress.

Choose the right shades and look gorgeous. Ready to shop? Check out our styles and colours.

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