How to buy BRA without tape measuring

March 2,2016
How to buy BRA without tape measuring

Without the tedious fitting sessions and tape measurements how do you get perfect fitted New Bra by the help of your old bra?
Answer these simple questions and get the correct band & cup size for the new bra.

1.How old is your current bra?

2.Are you using bra extender on it?

If it is more the 6 months old, it must be stretched out.
4-5 centimeters stretch out means a size up.
If you are using 1 bra extender, it means you have to go UP 1 size in band. If there are 2 bra extenders, you must need to add 2 sizes up.
For example your current bra has a 24 band size and  you are using it with 2 bra extenders, then your band is 2 size UP, that means 28.If it is with 1 bra extender then you just need to add 1 band size up, then you can select size 26.

The band size is ready and now you just need to calculate the cup size.

For an instance the 24 band size old bra has the DD cup, now your band is 28, when the band size is going up you have to come down on cup sizes to get the correct fitted cups. On this case you need to get 2 cup size DOWN, this means the C cup would be perfect fit for you now. If your band size is 26 now, you just need to get DOWN 1 cup size that means now the cup size is D instead of DD.
Now we have band and cup size ready, next is style…this is also important to get the correct fitting..

What is the cup style of your old bra?

If it is a full cup then without any problem you can select the new one in the same style with these measurements method.

A full cup to ¾ balcony cups?

If you like to switching styles from full cup to a ¾ coverage balcony style, you have to go 1 cup size UP in order to give you enough coverage on the top of breast.

These are the easiest way to calculate a new size from an old bra. If you are still unsure and need assistant, we are here to help. Please feel free to call us on 03 9764 9987

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