Here’s How Wearing The Wrong Bra Size Could Be Harming Your Health

February 26,2018
Here’s How Wearing The Wrong Bra Size Could Be Harming Your Health

10% of women are wearing a bra too small for them, while a staggering 70% of women are wearing one that is too tight.
When a bra is too tight, it restricts the movement in your upper back and can cause stiffness in your spine.
Here are just a few of the other ways you could be harming your health by wearing the wrong bra size:
Scarred breasts
If you continue to wear a bra that’s too small for you, scarring can occur underneath or at the side of the breasts over time.
Bad posture
The wrong bra size can prevent you from maintaining the correct posture, and lead to slouching.
Back pain
This is particularly common for large breasted women, when an ill-fitting bra puts pressure on your chest causing you to stoop. This is also linked to pain in the hip and rib areas too.
Breast pain
One of the more obvious side effects is actual pain in the breasts through wearing an uncomfortable bra.
Shoulder and neck pain
When a bra is too tight for you, the straps will then create pressure on your shoulders, which can also extend to the neck and cause severe pain.
Sagging breasts
If your bra is too loose, it won’t support or maintain the shape of your breasts, and in time they will become heavier and sag.
Skin problems
The incorrect bra size can also cause blisters on the skin around your breasts, especially when your bra is fitting too tightly.
The moral of the story ladies?
Always get yourself fitted regularly to ensure you’re choosing the right bra size for your body.
Your breasts will change often throughout your life, and when your weight fluctuates too – so get measured every time you decide to buy a new bra.

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