Here’s How To Pack Lingerie In Your Suitcase

January 29,2018
Here’s How To Pack Lingerie In Your Suitcase

When it comes to lingerie, how should you pack it in your suitcase so that it keeps its shape, but doesn’t take up too much room?
There are so many articles out there when it comes to packing your clothes, but most of them forget to mention your delicates.
So, here’s our how to guide when it comes to packing lingerie for your next vacation.
Pick your outfits first
Once you know what clothes you’ll be taking, then you can pick your lingerie accordingly. This way you’ll never end up on holiday with an outfit you can’t wear because you don’t have a suitable bra.
Bring options (if you have space)
It’s best to cover all your bases, so pack a range of bras including a strapless or multiway one, and try to bring a nude bra to wear under light coloured fabrics. Seamless knickers are also a good idea if you’ll be wearing anything figure hugging.
Pad your bras out with your socks
Don’t pack your structured bras one cup inside the other – roll your socks or underwear up to put inside the cups so they keep their shape and save you space.
Use tissue paper where needed
If you have particularly delicate lingerie, wrap it in tissue paper so that it doesn’t snag or wrinkle.
Keep your lingerie separate
Even the robust of lingerie is still fairly delicate, so it’s important to keep it separate from all other items in your suitcase. Try to use a mesh bag if possible, but even a plastic bag is better than nothing.
Pack travel sized delicate detergent with you
This will allow you to hand wash your lingerie in the sink wherever you are, and leave to hang or dry flat overnight. If you can’t find a travel sized bottle to purchase, then simply buy an empty plastic travel bottle from your local pharmacy and fill it up yourself!

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