Front closure bras – the best option for women with frozen shoulder

February 26,2017
Front closure bras – the best option for women with frozen shoulder

Do you know what adhesive capsulitis is? Most probably, no. what if I ask you about frozen shoulder? There is a high possibility that you know because almost two-thirds of women suffer from this condition at least once in their lifetime. Frozen shoulder is extremely painful that often renders us immobile. It restricts a lot of motions including reaching for the bra hook behind. If you are suffering from this condition, the best idea would be to get front closure bras.
Frozen shoulder and the problem it creates it daily life
Frozen shoulder is a painful condition. The name originates from the fact that the shoulder seems to get frozen, difficult to move and becomes a chronic condition with time.
The reasons that cause frozen shoulder are still unknown. However, it affects more women than men. The primary symptom of frozen shoulder is a restriction in the range of motions. For women, reaching the bra clasps becomes an ordeal. Thus, front open bras become the best option for them.
Front hooks bras and their benefits
Front closer bras come with a clasp between the breasts instead of the back. It is a versatile design that many women prefer to wear. Women who are suffering from frozen shoulder find this type of bra a savior. Since they cannot reach the back due to the pain and stiffness of the shoulder, the front closure bras make life easier for them.
Women who are involved in sports need better support for their front. The front hooks bras provide greater support. Moreover, women who are on the heavier side may find it difficult to wear bras with back clasps. These bras may not provide adequate support. Plus size front closer bras are a better option for them. These bras fit them well and also provide good support.
Front hooks bras are comfortable and easy to wear and take off. They work well with certain kind of garments. They come with a smooth back band that some women prefer. The straps are close together that ensure a snug fit.
For quick movements or to enable you to dress up in a hurry, front open bras offer a good solution. It is a good idea to have variety in your bra collection and a front closure bra would make it more varied.
Women may love to wear a front closure bra for various reasons, but in the case of frozen shoulder, they become the absolute necessity. They are the best options as you can dress up without that shooting pain in your shoulder and arms.

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  1. Absolutely love my new cotton front closer bra. My first bra EVER that hasn’t taken a few days to “wear in” – extremely comfortable from the first time I wore it. Thankyou



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