Floral Swimwear

March 2,2016
Floral Swimwear

Welcome back to your Friday Floral inspiration. This week we’re talking swimsuits. Florals are bold and bright this season with plenty of colour. But the options don’t end there. What style of swimsuit do you like? Most of our designs this season come in a variety of styles; it’s swimwear with no limitations. How amazing is that! Sundresses, sarongs, two pieces, traditional one pieces and built in bras. It’s all about choice this season.
Before we get to the design a word on our swimwear. The swimsuits featured here come with a powermesh lining; this helps to hold your tummy in (like a control brief) and many have built in bras, (super-strong elastic that sits under your breasts giving them support) and padding. Padding may come as a surprise but it’s important (even for plus sizes). Padding enhances shape, natural breasts often don’t sit the way we want them too; padding gives the illusion that they are exactly where you want them to be! 😉
Best of all they are all less than $100 so why not grab two!

Our Cuba one piece is a traditional swimsuit in a bright and poppy print. It’s young, fun and oh so cheerful. This traditional suit is all about the optical illusion. The colourful print has been designed to minimize your shape. The green leaves running down the middle of the suit draw your eye up and down (like a vertical stripe) and the pops of blue and yellow offer a lot of visual interest (keeping your eyes moving and not focused on one spot).
With a medium high leg it elongates your legs whilst the layout of the print minimizes your waist. Perfect for women who want to show off their legs and shape.

Inspired by the art of the Pacific Islands, our Bahamamas one piece is unique and bold. This print also cleverly uses optical illusions to have you appear slimmer. The black lines often end on the vertical, once again drawing your eye into the center, and up and down. Another clever print design uses the layout of the flowers (and slight ruching) on the right gives the illusion of a waist. Perfect for women who have a straight or oval body shape who want the appearance of a more hourglass figure.

Unlike the first two designs the Aloha swim top isn’t about optical illusions. Instead it’s all about looking pretty and BYO support. If you want your swimsuit to support you like you were wearing a bra then this is the style for you. The best way to do that is to just wear a bra and with this top you can.
This super simple swim top has no shelf support, padding, moulded cups or anything else that may impede your bra. Rather the high front and back and wide straps means you can comfortably wear a bra beneath without anyone knowing. Now a word of caution bras are not designed to be worn swimming so they will degrade faster than a swimsuit. Personally I prefer a sports bra under swimwear but if you’re not planning on doing any swimming then a pushup bra would make the most of your assets whilst you’re sunning yourself. Add some shorts, bikini bottoms or swim skirt and you’re good to go.

Finally the swimdress. Yes technically there are no flowers, but there are leaves so botanical not floral. More importantly I wanted to show you how a swimdress done right, is totes on trend. Our swimdresses have been designed to hide your flaws and showcase your assets. The flared skirt covers your hips and the centre fabric drops from the breast skimming your tummy. The princess seams nip in at your waist and over the hips creating a womanly shape. And once again a hint of an optical illusion with the stalks always lying on the vertical. Our Hawaii swimdress is a striking and modern design that is terrifically flattering to all body shapes.

Did you see something you like? I know swimsuit shopping is usually the worst but hopefully we’ve highlighted a design that you love and will make you feel beautiful when you wear it. Our swimsuits are exceptional quality for a reasonable price (less then $100 each) we think you can’t go wrong with that!
Have you been following our floral Friday posts? We’ve featured beautiful demure sets, bold matching sets, flower inspired tights and stockings and seductive and dark bras and matching sets. Next week’s floral feature is going to be scentsational!

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