Fit Issues and Solutions for full figures

December 16,2019
Fit Issues and Solutions for full figures

Fit issues are a problem for most women when it comes to lingerie. So, it’s not surprising to know that over half of women wear wrong size bras and briefs. And yet it is very important to wear the right lingerie, as it is the piece of clothing closest to your body and provides support and shape to your body. Ill-fitting lingerie can leave you looking and feeling uncomfortable and shabby. Fit issues are common across different types of bodies, but full-figured women find it a wee bit harder to find the right solutions. Here’s a guide on how to solve some common fit issues for all the curvy beauties out there.

How do I measure my size correctly?

Pull out a measuring tape, a paper and pen and get to work.
Band size – Measure tightly against your underbust (think of where the bra band usually sits)
Cup size – Keeping the tape around your back at band level, measure at the fullest part of your bust while wearing an underwire bra.
Waist size – Measure around your natural waist.
Hip size – For your hip size, measure the width of your hips at the widest part.
All online retailers should have a size-chart for their brands. Be sure to check out our size guide along with the individual product and brands.

I can’t fit in the size I bought last year.

Yes, that happens to everyone. Every woman changes lingerie and dress sizes over time. Our bodies are changing all the time due to weight loss or gain, childbirth, hormone changes, exercise, seasons and many other factors. It’s a good idea to measure yourself atleast once a year to keep your size updated.

Do I need to have multiple styles of lingerie in my wardrobe?

While there is no need to stock yourself enough to open a store, it is a good idea keep good pairs of basic styles that go with the kind of outfits you usually wear, from sports and t-shirt bras to racy lacy ones.

Check out our essential range of bras for everyday wear.
Go for lacy lingerie sets for those playful moments.
Daring chemises and babydolls are sure to spice up your bedroom look.
Full Briefs and Boxers are ideal for everyday wear.

What Shapewear should I use?

Depending on what type of coverage you are aiming for, you can choose from a wide range of shapewear – from shaper briefs to corselets and bodyshapers. Check out our shapewear blog for a detailed guide.

What fabric should I go for?

It depends on the season and the occasion. Cotton and cotton mixes are ideal for summers and everyday wear. Lacy, satin and G-strings work for those times when you want to look and feel sexy.

So there you have it – the essential lingerie fit guide. Invest in a few good pairs of lingerie, you deserve it. Follow the wash and care instructions to improve the life of your undergarments. Keep in mind the occasion and outfit you are buying for. And remember to play with the colours. And keep loving your curves, ladies!

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