Finding the Perfect Nightgown for Everyday and Travel Wear

September 3,2019
Finding the Perfect Nightgown for Everyday and Travel Wear

A good sleep at night is essential to recharge yourself. While most people pay special attention to the right ambience, nightclothes get ignored most of the times. With so many different styles and colours in the market, it can become quite tricky to choose the right nightwear. The important thing is to choose the nightwear that is perfect for you, as one size fits all does not work when it comes to something as intimate and personal as nightwear and innerwear. Below are a few tips to help you choose the perfect nightgown for everyday and travel.

The Right Fabric

You can find nightgowns made with many natural and synthetic fibres. Choose the fabric that makes you feel good and is perfect for your needs.

Cotton – Is soft and breathable, and smooth on the skin. It is a poor insulator and not recommended for people with night sweats.

Flannel – Ideal for winters

Wool – Can keep you warm, but is heavy and not breathable.

Silk – Is smooth and a thermoregulator. Is expensive.

Nylon – Is as soft as silk fabrics, mildew resistant, and wicks sweat from your skin to the garment’s surface. Check out our new nylon nightgowns in three different styles here.

The Right Style

Again, with so many different styles out there, choosing the perfect nightgown can get confusing. The pajama and top set, and the robe style with or without sleeves are the most comfortable styles suitable for most people. Check out our three new styles in different colours – Pajama and collared half-sleeve top set, sleeveless gown, and button front knee-length robe. They are the perfect nightgown for everyday and for travel.

Garment Care

Lacy and delicate nightgowns can make you look desirable but can be quite a headache when it comes to caring for them. If you are someone who is always running short on time, choosing fabrics like nylon and cotton can be a better option as they are relatively low care. These nightgowns are also perfect for everyday as well as for travel.

Whichever style or fabric nightgown that you choose, remember that you should feel comfortable in it and should be hassle-free care garments. Looking for something comfy and exciting for your nightwear? Check out our exciting range of nightwear here.

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