Everything You Need To Know About The Different Bra Types Out There!

March 29,2017
Everything You Need To Know About The Different Bra Types Out There!

When it comes to bras, there are so many different styles out there to choose from. Here are the main types, along with their pros & cons:
The cups of this bra join together at a low point between the breasts, allowing you to wear clothing with deep V’s and plunging necklines.
The balcony bra is horizontal in shape, and the cups sit lower, allowing you to wear low-cut clothing.
This bra is designed for women who want to create a lifted effect, and increase their cleavage. The push-up style is favoured by smaller chested women.
The cups completely cover the breasts, and offer more support, making this style ideal for fuller busted ladies.
These often come with detachable straps, and extra support along the under-bust band to ensure it stays up. These are perfect for wearing with strapless, halter, or even spaghetti strap tops.
Wired bras are popular as they offer more support, and tend to be favoured by women with fuller busts.
Many maternity and nursing bras tend to be non-wired, as wiring can be seen as harmful to your breasts during pregnancy and in the breast-feeding months following it.

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