Ever Wondered What The Difference Is Between A Maternity And Nursing Bra?

April 16,2018
Ever Wondered What The Difference Is Between A Maternity And Nursing Bra?

If you’re newly pregnant, and you’re trying to get up to speed on all of the special clothing and products you need, it can be pretty overwhelming!
One of the common confusions amongst women is the difference between a maternity bra and a nursing bra, and when to wear them.
That’s why we’ve put together this handy, short guide to explain the differences in simple terms, and help you focus on keeping yourself healthy and stress-free during this incredible phase of your life.
Maternity bras – Maternity bras are designed solely to wear when you’re pregnant. Often they’ll be soft cupped and without wiring, and have thicker straps and fuller coverage to give you added comfort and support as your breasts begin to swell and soften.
We recommend women start wearing maternity bras when they’re between 4-12 weeks pregnant, and continue wearing them until after giving birth.
Nursing bras – Nursing bras are designed for the post pregnancy phase in which many mothers will choose to breastfeed their baby. The drop down/detachable cups are designed to aid with this and provide ease of access, so you don’t have to take your whole bra off – genius! These are usually wire free as your breasts will still be very soft and sensitive during this time.  
It’s a good idea to shop for these before you give birth, so you’re prepared and not having to hit the shops with a newborn in your arms!
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