Do You Know Your Push Up Bra From Your Padded Bra?

July 26,2017
Do You Know Your Push Up Bra From Your Padded Bra?

Have you ever wandered through a lingerie store, and found yourself confused by the huge range of different bras on offer?
What’s the difference between a molded, push up and padded bra?
Don’t worry, we’re telling all on the Plus Size Bras blog today!
Molded (or Contour) bra
The word ‘molded’ simply refers to how this type of bra is made. The molded cups are seamless and have a much thicker lining than a regular fabric cup bra. You know a bra is molded if it keeps its full shape after you remove it.
These cups help to contour your breasts into a flattering and rounded shape. The thicker lining also prevents your nipples from showing through your clothes.
Padded bra
Padded bras provide a much more subtle boost compared to push-ups.
They are often lined with an extra layer of fabric or feature a sling with a removable cookie insert, so you can adjust the padding level to your own needs.
Push up bra
Push-ups create dramatic cleavage and can instantly add one, sometimes even two, cup sizes to your bust.
The difference between a push-up and a padded bra can sometimes be less than an inch in thickness, which often causes confusion between the two.
But you’ll know the difference when you see them alongside each other.

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