Discover The Best Knicker Shape To Flatter Your Bum!

May 3,2017
Discover The Best Knicker Shape To Flatter Your Bum!

Don’t get us wrong – your natural shape is to be celebrated. However, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to enhance your assets, and flatter certain parts of your body!
Here are the main four types of bum shapes:

  • Round/Bubble bum

This even-shaped and round bum tends to be the desired look for many women.
Tanga and thong styles are your best friend, while the Brazilian knicker is also flattering, and offers a little more cheek coverage.

  • Square shaped bum

If your waist and hips tend to be equal in size, and your bum is on the flatter side – you have a square shape.
If you’re looking to create a rounder, fuller-cheeked look, a boy short panty is perfect for you (sitting around the middle of the cheeks) – particularly with scalloped or lacy trim edging.

  • Heart shaped bum

Your bum is narrow towards the top, and caries its weight towards the lower half, where the cheeks tend to be fuller.
To create a balanced shape, a bikini style knicker is perfect for you, creating the illusion of more volume around your hips.

  • Inverted V shaped bum

An inverted V means you carry your fullness at the top of your bum, and around your hips, and you are smaller towards the lower part of your bottom.
The best knicker shapes to create a rounder, more even appearance for you are: culottes, boy shorts, or designs with ruching on the bottom.

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