Decoding Lingerie Myths That Have Been Circling For Decades

October 25,2017
Decoding Lingerie Myths That Have Been Circling For Decades

It’s funny how stories masquerading as the truth can get passed down from generation to generation without ever being questioned.
When it comes to bras there’s so much confusion, and we want you to be informed when it comes to lingerie so that shopping for it remains simple and painless.
Here are four of the biggest myths when it comes to bras:
MYTH: White or nude must be worn under a white top.
White actually shows up quite well when worn under white, because it’s a sharp contrast to the color of your skin. Opting for a nude colored bra is the best solution when wanting your underwear to go unnoticed.
MYTH: The larger the letter in your bra size, the larger your breasts are.
The back size you wear plays just a big of a role in how large your breasts are as your cup size does – so don’t get caught up on that letter ladies!
Bra sizes are fairly complicated, and you could place two women with same cup size next to each other and notice a huge difference in the size of their breasts.
MYTH: If you’re a 20DD, you’re a 20DD everywhere.
Bra sizes vary between brands. Even the style of a bra – demi(1/2 coverage), balcony(3/4 coverage), full cup(full coverage) – can alter your perfect size up to 1 to 2 cup sizes. It is recommended to always get measured probably to get your right bra size.
MYTH: If you want great cleavage, wear a tighter bra
Wearing a tight bra does nothing apart from help you to feel uncomfortable!
There are so many bras on the market today that are specifically designed to enhance cleavage and give you a lift where you desire it most.

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