Comfy Pants to Lounge Around the House

July 21,2020
Comfy Pants to Lounge Around the House

Most of us are working from home, and looks like we will continue to do so for some time. Except for the time when we are video-conferencing with office colleagues, most of us would be lounging around in pyjamas or nightwear. Cotton pants are super comfortable and cosy, and perfect for sleeping in or working around the house.

Cotton Pants have many Advantages
• They are comfortable for sleeping in as well as daily household wear.
• They keep you cosy during cool weather.
• Cotton is a breathable fabric, so leaves your skin feeling fresh.
• Cotton is hypoallergenic, so helps in avoiding rashes.

How about some stylish, comfy pants to work in, or cook, or clean, or just laze around? Here are our top picks.

Blooms PJ Set
The cotton-blend top has a scoop neckline and short sleeves. Pair it up with PJ pants for a perfect wear to lounge around the house, or work away at your computers. The top is available in a range of stylish prints, so you can mix and match with your PJ pants to turn it into a different set every time. It’s machine washable, so it’s on your laundry duties too.

Cotton Rich Lounge Pants
This cotton-rich lounge pants is made of good weight cotton with great stretch to give you absolute comfort. It is made of good quality hypoallergenic cotton, so it is gentle on your skin. The high waist keeps you covered all the time. You can pair this straight leg lounge pants with your favourite top to lounge around the house. Or pair it up with a comfy cotton top to go to bed. This design is available in multicolours.

Navy Cherry Blossoms Lounge Pants
These Lounge Pants are 92% Cotton, 6% Elastane & 2% Spandex, making them super comfy and stretchy. This soft knit straight-leg pants are ideal for lounging around or as pyjama bottoms. The high waist ensures good coverage. Matching tops are available for the designs, or you can pair it up with a new top.

Cotton Rich Waistband Leggings
This cotton-rich leggings with wide elastic waistband has enhanced stretch and proportioned fit. The soft and stretchy leggings is comfortable for all-day wear.
The elastic band is 4 cm wide, and the stretchy material offers better fit, especially for full figure ladies.

Super Soft Stretch Leggings
This super-soft leggings are made of 92% cotton, 6% Elastane & 2% Spandex. This makes them stretchy and ultra-comfortable to wear throughout the day at home. The cooling cotton blend ensures breathability and comfort. The high waist gives you flexibility to move, bend and twist around as you wish. This design comes in a pack of 2 pants. Our recommendation is to choose a size up for this style to ensure maximum comfort.

Get your favourite pair today!

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